It’s been a while, but it’s something that I always loved posting, as I got a chance to take a look back and appreciate the goodies of the week. So, Fun Friday Favorite Photos are back for the 12th time, and it should be back every Friday. Hope you get a kick out of the pics. My good stuff, 6 times distilled for easy enjoyment.

Let’s dig in, the, shall we? I’ll hit it starting top left going clockwise…

  1. An awesome Cabot event where I met a ton of the actual dairy farmers – so dope
  2. Caleb sneaking a snack
  3. Spring sprung through a sunroof
  4. My home office, Paw Patrol not optional

Fun Friday Favorite Photos of the Week #12 Collage 3

  1. Hey, I’m a Sweeney
  2. Caleb not wanting to leave school, building a sweet stick fort
  3. Caleb enjoying an apple, dad with coffee, actual piano on the wall
  4. Caleb’s 3 year old b-day party at Kidville, grandparents in attendance

Fun Friday Favorite Photos of the Week #12 Collage 1

  1. Wife, Vera, making herself at home at THE home, the White House for #LetsMove
  2. Natalie, Liam, and Winter getting scientific at the awesome Liberty Science Center in Jersey City
  3. Caleb, the model
  4. Brunch is easy, and no one hates us…no one

Fun Friday Favorite Photos of the Week #12 Collage 2

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