9 Ways To Break From The Norm

We all like to eat and drink. Bars and restaurants are my outing of choice most of the time. But, there are times when you want to break out of the norm, do a little something thing different. There are so many good times to be had out there with your buddies, you can learn a new skill, maybe (gasp) get some exercise or just hang out and have some laughs together. Sometimes you just need some new and different ways let go of the everyday stress and the responsibility of being an adult. Adulthood…yucky poops.

  1. Learn How To Juggle – Pretty dope, right? Crazy? Even if you don’t master this skill, you can have a blast learning how to juggle with friends. Why not give it a shot. If you learn…awesome. If you don’t…you get to break each other’s shoes. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?
  2. Race Time – Just like when you were a kid, winning is a good thing. Also, just like when you were a kid, why don’t you just see who can run the fastest? Yes, you are old, but you are not dead. C’mon, man, buck up. Set a route and use a stopwatch timer to see which friend who’s in it to win it. Don’t punk out, your rep is depending on it. What would the schoolyard think if you did?
  3. Dance Off – Oh yeah. You know you want to. Why is this any more strange that singing karaoke? It’s not. This is a great way to end a long work week and blow off some steam. Get some buddies together, crank up some 80s jams or some fresh 90s hip-hop the music and see who can mack out the most. “The stars” aren’t the only ones that could be dancing.
  4. Beer Pong – Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not just for college kids anymore. It’s actually a good time, and it’s a safe time if you are not nuts. You only put a tiny amount of beer in each cup, so unless you play 45 games in a row, you should just be able to hang out, compete, and have a good time. That’s the fun of it anyway. How easy is it, really…cups, ping pong ball, long rectangular table, beer (light beer is best), done. It’s the simple games that cause us the most joy.
  5. Local Concert  – You may even be able to get into some freebies, as most communities have a concert at the park event (especially in the summer). You’d be surprised how many local venues, churches, bars, and bookstores have people playing live music. Who doesn’t love live music? You guessed it…no one, at least no one you’d want to associate with. Gather up your friends and even kids (depending on the band of course) and head down to the venue to enjoy some local bands. Get your rock on.
  6. Video Game Tournament – You used to do it. Now your kids do it. Gather up the gamers and get up on a video game tournament. You can even break out the old NES that’s up in your attic. Why not? The new games today are too darn complicated anyway. In my day, we had 2 buttons, and that was good enough. Eight buttons? What is this, NASA? Loser buys the wings and pizza.
  7. Beer Festival – These things are popping up all over the place. Craft and local beers are smoking hot and or good reason. People want something unique, something different. I love a Bud Light or 4, but I also need some dope IPAs or some some Cold Brew Coffee beers. It’s nice to have something that’s close by and owned by locals. Beer fests are awesome to hang at and sample some different brews that maybe you wouldn’t normally try. 2 oz here, 2 oz there, grab a sausage and peppers and some bison jerky…and away you go. Make plans to get a van to pick you up and deposit you at a local watering hole to grab some late night snacks and maybe sing some 80 hair band karaoke.
  8. Laser Tag – Shooting? No death or jail time? I’m in. Gather up your friends and head off for some laser tag. It’s good times, it’s indoors, and it won’t leave welts like paintball will. There’s usually some foosball or pool tables and maybe an arcade at these spots, so prepare for hours of chill time after. Pizza always goes well with laser tag…it’s a scientific fact.
  9. Trampoline or Bounce Place – You know it, your kids love it, so why are you only dropping them off at parties? Most of these party places are designed for kids but stout enough for adults. Look into it, I bet they have adult/teen time at night when the 8 year olds are in bed (suckers). Get your crew and have at it. It’s sick fun. Just be sure to pencil in some rest breaks in between, old man.

adult falling off trampoline

What do you think? Are you ready to prove you are as awesome as you think you are? Time to mix it up and think outside of the box? Time to get in touch with your inner child? Why should they have all the fun? Every hard working adult deserves some down time at the end of a work week, so why not try something as a way to distress, laugh a lot and rejuvenate. It’s good for the soul. It’s good for your body. It’s good for the fate of a nation. What could go wrong?

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