9 Ways To Encourage Child Sense of Humor

Everyone has a different sense of humor. Some things can be very funny to me and be complete nonsense, or make no sense to you. I’d like to think I have my comedic genius-type moments, depending on the day and the mood that dad is in. I can be old and crotchety with no problems, either. That being said, how you do you encourage a sense of humor in your child? Children are born with their own unique sense of humor and many parents may not fully comprehend what their child may deem funny or not.

You have to really understand what makes them tick. Listen to them, talking to you, talking to their siblings, and talking to their friends. These are 3 very different conversations, right? Kids are fun-loving and silly, and I forget that all too often. Sometimes you just have to let it all go and let them be kids. It doesn’t have to make you laugh, and that the key.


One thing is for certain, encouraging your child’s sense of humor will ultimately result in much needed laughter time within the family. Here are 9 points I think that make a lot of sense, but all of us grouchy parents need a reminder at times:

  1. Be Playful
    • Encourage playful conversations on a regular basis within your family, this maintains a fun environment at home, which will increase your child’s ability to be silly
  2. Tell Funny Stories
    • There is a wide range of funny picture book stories for all ages, take time to tell funny stories to your child on a regular basis
  3. Laugh at your Child
    • Even if you don’t find them funny, laugh at your child’s funny stories; If your child is laughing, laugh along with them
  4. Be an Example
    • Tell your children funny stories and do so often; Nothing encourages your child’s sense of humor more than having a hilarious parent
  5. Joke Books
    • Have a home where knock knock joke books are easily accessible, plan to end each day with a few jokes shared amongst you and your children from these books
  6. Boost Self-Esteem
    • A confident child will feel comfortable being who they are, if you build your child’s self-esteem they will be more apt to develop a great sense of humor
  7. Don’t Ban Potty Humor
    • This may make many parents cringe, but do not ban any farting, burping, or who knows what else humor because this helps keep child comfortable sharing what they find funny
  8. Amuse your Child
    • Do silly things, be a kid: pretend you have fallen and can’t get up, hit yourself in the head (the kids love that), do whatever it takes to let your child laugh at you on a regular basis
  9. Be Absent Minded
    • Put your child’s favorite stuffed animal in the freezer or put a favorite play toy in the dish washer, pretend to be absent minded to encourage a giggle fest…silly sells people

Encouraging your child’s sense of humor is important because laughter is the best medicine; it increases happy hormones as well as reduces stress. No matter your age, adult or child, laughter is a simple necessity in life for everyone. This all will make life more fun for you and for your kids…and who can argue what that?

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