9 Ways To Ensure Relaxation This Weekend

Take Your Weekends Back!!!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but these things need to be planned out. Friday will be here before you know it. You week has to be laid out and planned accordingly because we are all ready to de-stress from that busy work week come Friday, right?

But how do you get relaxed for the weekend?

Your mind has been so busy all week meeting deadlines and talking to clients, it’s no wonder so many of us forget how to actually relax for the weekend (and, gasp, when on vacation). It is very important to get your mind decluttered on Friday so that your weekend can be stress free. Here are 9 ways to maybe get you to that happy place this weekend:

  1. Become Unavailable
    • Set a cut off time for Friday, let everyone you know that you will be checking out of work mode at a specific time and do not tempt yourself to answer any work related questions once that time has arrived
  2. End the Day with a Hike
    • I know it sounds crazy but nature does wonders for the soul; why not take off early on Friday for a local hike to remove all work from your mind
  3. Get Chores done Friday Night
    • With the work week jam packed, you may resort to having chores set for weekends, complete them Friday night to relax for the 2 day weekend
  4. Email all Clients mid-day
    • To avoid any last minute work tasks, email all of your clients mid-day Friday so you can resolve their needs before end of day
  5. Set Text Auto-Responder
    • Either create an auto-responder for text messages or copy and paste from a notepad file responses to any texts after work week has ended
  6. Redirect Work Thoughts
    • Our minds are prone to head towards work thoughts as the weekend nears, redirect your work thoughts to the weekend as a reminder that you deserve this break
  7. Use a Relaxation Technique
    • Meditation is said to be super important so once your work week has ended try to do some Yoga or similar technique that relaxes you for the 2 day weekend.
  8. Make a Promise to Yourself
    • Promise yourself that when that hour arrives, you will walk away from work and not look back for 2 days…tough but you just have to lay down the line and do it
  9. Do Something You Love
    • Between all of our commitments, like sports, family functions, and who knows what else, the actually enjoyment of the weekend seems to get lost sometimes…do what you would like to do, even if it’s napping on a hammock for an hour

I smell the weekend

I know it may be difficult to unwind when you have so many work tasks to complete, but it is so important to relax for those two days that we call weekend. When you take the time to relax for the weekend you start to feel happier, healthier and have more of a creative mind when Monday rolls around. Having the ability to relax for the weekend is a strength that every person needs to work on, so that they can live a more balanced lifestyle of work and fun.

Let me know how it all works out for you. It will take time and discipline to get out of this work-around-the-clock rut we all seem to be in, but for your health and your family’s, I think it’s the right time to take your weekends back!

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