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Eggoji Single PicIt’s breakfast and you really don’t have a ton of time. What do you do? Do you go into the fetal position, start crying, and decide that some air and water will get your through until you get to the office? That’s just ridiculous and you know it.

Pick yourself up! If you are anything like me or pretty much anyone that I know, all you need is a few minutes.Why? Because you will reach for an Eggo waffle, silly. Why? Because they are outstandingly awesome. Because they taste so good in so many ways (maple syrup, ice cream, fried chicken anyone?). Because they are easy to make. Because they are a part of my and your childhood. Because they rule.

Campbell CA Collage

As you could well imagine, when I was asked to go to the Eggo Factory in California, I was floored and just plain excited. I couldn’t wait to go. The topper…I was there to create and talk about the world-wide debut of something truly amazing to behold…the Eggoji. Yes, that’s correct. You’ve heard of and perhaps dabbled with some emojis in your day. But you have never, until now, been able to express your innermost thoughts and feelings using Eggo waffles. Well, my friends, that is all about to change…dramatically.


Before I went to experience my own personal Eggopalooza, I was lucky enough to check out the beautiful Silicon Valley-area town of Campbell, California. It was a great spot, clearly influenced by the old West, craftsman style bungalows, a cool downtown, techies, and waffles. This was clear and it was great to just walk around and hang. Great first night of exploration. Happy things to come.

The next morning, it was time to hit Eggo heaven and get into some top secret Eggoji action. The day was fantastic! I can’t share the pics of the factory with you, but it was awesome. We saw where the batter is mixed and the process started. We saw the giant room with a massive wheel of automated waffle irons, very similar to the ones we all have in our kitchens. We saw the giant freezer, the plastic bagging, and the final placement into the boxes…all before out eyes. Approximately 2 million waffles per day are produced in this, the original, factory serving the US and Canada. There is also a factory in the South, Midwest, and Northeast, but it was great to see where it all started. I was like a kid in a candy, eh, waffle store (oh, that one hurt so good).

Eggosphere Collage

This was pretty much enough awesome for me, but it was on to the next for some Eggosphere action. Nice. This is where the “real” reason for my visit was revealed. We were all going to delve deep into our minds and create our very own Eggojis! You read that correctly…Eggojis…and it was go time. This was serious…the fate of the waffle loving nation depended on me, and I was not going to let them down.

I was given my training, ranging from some serious Kung Fu fighting to an intense class on waffle physics. It was all so overwhelming, I almost buckled under the pressure. I kept sweating and chanting “Leggo My Eggo, Leggo my Eggo.” Thankfully, I was able to pull myself out of it. I shook it off due to the amazing team at Eggo and naturally endowed blogging skills. I would overcome.

My assignment: create some super neat Ninja and Sweet-themed Eggojis. The pressure was on…but I delivered…with vigor, precision, and authority. Don’t you agree?


My Eggojis Collage

This was a really fun exercise and everyone had a really good time. It was very cool and it got my creative juices flowing in a very fun way. The facility and the “training” was really well done. It was also very warm, just like a tasty Eggo waffle (you see what I did right there).Eggo Dinner Table Collage

If all of that wasn’t enough…it was on to a very sophisticated, possibly Michelin-starred, dining experience where the main ingredient was…duh…Eggo waffles. And, guess what, it all worked beautifully. From the flowers to the 1500 balloons to the meal…it was great. My Eggo tasting menu was delicious…from the mushroom waffles to the Canadian ham/egg/bacon waffle sandwich to the chicken and waffles to the waffle and ice cream “burger” and “fries” that looked spot on. It was really impressive and the room was really fun. Festive, happy, waffley. It was a good meal, and it showed just how diverse Eggos can be. It’s all about what you like, how creative you want to be, and how much fun you want to have.

Eggo is a deliciously warm breakfast that you just can’t L’Eggo, right, so this experience made a lot of sense. With its golden crispy outside and warm and fluffy inside, you’ll find yourself not wanting to share your delicious Eggo waffles with anyone. The room matched the Eggo and fit the bill, plus I had the meal all to myself with no sharing involved!

Eggo waffles are not just warm and delicious, but you can see how diverse and playful they are with the many creations you can make with them. This is pretty much just like the Eggojis. You can share your Eggoji, but not your delicious Eggo Waffle!!

Good times.

All Eggo Dinner Collage

After all the fun was done, we found out we were followed and filmed at every turn like a reality show) and it was time to head out. I did so with a feeling that not only was this an amazing experience but that we really did create something pretty cool. We combined emojis, which has become such an important part of the way millions of people communicate and express themselves, with Eggo waffles, which have been an important part of how millions of people eat for decades. Mixing the very new with a lasting tradition. Mixing food and expression. Mixing it all up and seeing what happened. It was fun and it was a great experience.

On my way to San Jose Airport, I got to take in one last bit of San Jose. It’s a very nice city at the heart of America’s Silicon Valley. Santana Row was a great planned development that I really enjoyed…cool, beautiful…perfect way to close out the trip. It was on to my red-eye so I could be back for Caleb’s kiddie birthday party in the morning!!

Santana Row Collage

Why are these Eggojis so great? I think it’s the ability to express your emotions and “Eggo-­nality” now being a keystroke away. Eggojis are something completely unique that allow us to not only communicate with our friends and family, but also communicate our love of Eggo! 

Now, without further adieu, here are the first 10 Emojis (there will be more coming) that you will be able to use…very soon!! What do you think? It’s a pretty great start, don’t you think?

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.08.28 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.08.54 PM

To try it out for yourself, please be sure to download the Eggoji app right here today!! 

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