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The world of entertainment is now more portable than ever. There are so many devices, sites, and apps that it can make your head spin. The constant for me, though thick and thin, good and bad, is always my cable TV at home. It has it all and then some. From sports to movies, to cartoons to dramas and reality TV (gasp), your home TV set can offer hours of entertainment for you and for your family. Family movie nights are so much easier when I can just pull up one of the many movie channels I have and just start watching!

The main drawback with this setup, however, has always been that you are limited in where you can access all that good stuff. It’s at home. And that’s it. Period. Your iPhones, iPads, and car-based DVD player does me no good when you watch to check out my Mets when I am out of the house.

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Well boy and girls, I have the solution…and it is good. Very good. It’s the Slingbox 500, and it’s spectacular. This truly amazing device lets you stream programming directly from your cable box to your computer, tablet or smartphone.The Slingbox lets you watch live and recorded shows, movies and sports. It’s unreal. It’s insane. It’s magical. It’s like you were on your couch, but  you’re not. You’re outside…that’s the point.

You’re already paying a bunch for cable (gripe gripe, moan moan), so why not make the most of it and stream that stuff through a single interface and watch them on your phone, tablet, computers and other TVs? There’s absolutely no good reason for anyone to say not to this. Dude…there’s no extra cable subscription and no monthly fees. This is a home run.

Check out how it works right here:

Ok, excited yet? Don’t be shy. I know you are excited.  How can you not be? You have a pulse and an overwhelming desire to watch the latest episode of Vikings or a DVRd Ice Road Truckers. C’mon, spanky, sometimes a man needs to see his shows.

Think about the sports. Think about the sports. With Slingbox 500 you can watch all the games and matches you want, and see other live sports scores and stats as you’re watching, all on your big, impressive screen. Slingbox 500 also lets you access sports while traveling: watch the NFL on your iPhone®, watch MLB internationally on your Android™, or NHL internationally on your tablet. You get the idea. The Home TV interface via HDMI even offers live sports stats and more!

Ok, so you are not quite sold. You say your cable provider offers apps and all of that. Oh, really? Well check this out:

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Boom…I think I just blew your mind. Sorry about that, but it happens. See…this is the ONLY way to get 100% access to all that your cable subscription has to offer on the go. Period. Discussion over.

If you actually need more convincing, here’s a list of Slingbox 500 features:

  • Watch and control 100% of the TV you already pay for on a tablet*, phone*, PC, or Mac with unlimited free apps
  • View and manage DVR recordings
  • Home TV interface via HDMI with live sports stats and a gallery view for easy program discovery
  • Sort by program genre or set up favorites
  • Integrated YouTube app and YouTube Web Gallery with top-trending videos
  • Get contextual YouTube recommendations, based on the show you’re watching, at the touch of a button
  • Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Fire TV®, or Roku®*
  • Access to thousands of movies with Blockbuster On Demand
  • Connect via WiFi or Ethernet
  • HDMI, component, and composite in/out
  • Easy and quick setup on your TV screen with free live video assistance
  • Absolutely no monthly fees

What do you think now? It’s a pretty awesome setup. It really is. I didn’t think I needed this until I got it. Now I’m hooked. It’s like indoor plumbing and electricity, sort of. It’s amazing what this small little box can do. See for yourself and give it a shot. I doubt you’ll be sorry.

Pick one up at a great price at!

Don’t be like these people. These people are pathetic. You’re not pathetic.

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To find out more about how Slingbox can help save your life (ok, that’s a stretch). How about let you watch your TV, your way…anywhere, please check out:

This is a sponsored post with Slingbox. Guy and the Blog received compensation, but all love shown in this review is my 100% own.

*Slingplayer for mobile devices is required. Available for free in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Store.

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