How To Organize TasksThe best thing about working from home is that you choose when tasks get completed and when they can be put off until later. When working from home, the best way to organize tasks so that you remain productive is to take note of when your schedule and your brain allows you to work at its highest level. Let’s say you are a night owl, then you should place important tasks for your work at home day towards the evening hours. If you are more of a productive morning person, you know, that early bird gets the worm mentality then push important tasks to be completed in the morning. If you kids nap around 1PM, then that’s a great time to really get something done.

No matter the hour of the day you are most productive, the key to being successful when working from home is learning how to organize tasks for work at home in a way that leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment at the end of your work day. Here are some things to think about when determining how to organize tasks for work at home:

  • Decided What Time of Day your Brain is Most Focused
    • Take time to determine how focused your brain is for specific tasks throughout the day. If your brain is most focused on specific tasks in morning, noon, and then night; schedule specific tasks appropriately
  • Schedule Tomorrow, Today
    • Sit down each night to create your schedule for the next day, this allows you to take up with a dedicated plan in front of you and allows your work at home day to be completely organized
  • Start Big Task First
    • If you struggle with feeling motivated or accomplished first thing in the morning, then try to complete a big task first thing as a means to push that motivational feeling up to the forefront of your mind
  • Use a Timer
    • Organizing your work at home day is all about allotting time for each tasks, using an online timer such as SlimTimer will help you to devote specific time limits to each task at hand
  • Communicate with Clients
    • Each of your clients should know when to anticipate you completing tasks for them as a means to get more word of mouth referrals for having excellent communication and follow through skills

Organizing your work at home day really comes down to you knowing how well you work at which times of day. Only you understand which time of day you are most productive. The other side of learning how to organize your work at home day is knowing when you will have to tend to kids or when you will have a full day without kids in the background, take into consideration your lifestyle as well as how your brain functions best. Once you have taken the time to get organized in a way that encourages productivity, you will find that your work load is completed quicker and clients are happier!

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