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It’s almost Mother’s Day. That means that right at this very second it’s time for me to begin thinking about what I should get her from and and from the kids. It’s time for frenzy to set in. It’s time for me to ask why I wait until the last minute to do this each year. It’s time for me to say…she is my wife and mother of my children…time to step-it-up. It’s also time for me the panic because I never know what the right present is to pick-up.

With work and the kids crushing me of late, and Vera being on a hectic work travel schedule, I really needed to find something fast, good, and conveniently. I also didn’t want to risk online shopping since it’s so last minute and such a busy time. The worst thing would be that, gasp, not everything arrives on time. Vera would pretty much know (not that she doesn’t already), or at least have to accept, that I am a last minute Nelly and that I planned poorly. We can’t have that at all.

I think it’s time to hit Sears. They are having an awesome All For Mom promotion…and just in time! Check out for all the goodies. But how do I work this out with so little time in the day and it being so close to Mother’s Day? Oh no!!

I think I have the solution…

Sears App

What is this magical elixir you say?

Queue the hero music…Sears In-Vehicle Pickup to save the day!!!

Sears In-Vehicle SiteSears In-Vehicle Site 2

Sear In-Vehicle pickup is a very easy way to order your Mother’s Day gift online at or via the Sears App. When you order, simply pick in-store pickup and wait for the magic. I specifically picked from a wide list of options that would be available the SAME DAY. I picked up some new bath towels (the others were ruined with some “experiments” and some fort making), new beach towels (we always saw we need adult towels and never seem to get them), as well as a FitBit Zip (she has a FitBit but really liked the Zip because it attached the the hip and had super-long watch battery life).

Sears In-Vehicle Sleeping

Once the order was placed, I was simply instructed to wait for a delivery confirmation email and/or text message. Much to my surprise, that message came within hours. Excitement ensued. Joy enveloped everyone in the house. Anticipation took over…I had to head over right away and seal the deal. It was time to get the Mother’s Day gift!

Sears In-Vehicle Wide Shot

I picked up Caleb from his nursery school and, much to my dismay, he passed out cold within a minute of getting in the car. Oh no, what am I going to do now. I have to go pick up this gift and I…wait a minute…I have the option to do In-Vehicle Pickup! It was easy peasy save my life squeezy. I simply went into the app and scrolled own to the In-Vehicle Pickup link. I was instructed beforehand to be sure to be in a specially marked pick-up parking spot before I click the link. Why you ask? A Sears associate will be helping me within 5 minutes of clicking, that’ why. Could it be true? I pulled into my spot, right in front of the door (VIP, baby), and clicked away. A timer actually popped up so I can easily monitor response time. Within 1 minute and 15 seconds I was being asked for my order info. About 2 minutes after that, the bag was dropped inside my car. I didn’t have to even get out of the car. Even better? Caleb was still fast asleep, oblivious to the magic that just transpired and how easy this all was.

Sears In-Vehicle Sign

It was awesome. It was easy. It’s everything you would hope it would be and more. Seriously…faster and easier than even ordering online. It was a dream come true.

As a bonus, shoppers that use Sears In-Vehicle Pickup for their online purchases between Tuesday, May 3 and Saturday, May 7 are automatically entered for a chance to win a $5,000 Sears gift card! Alternatively, you can also click on and enter the Shop Your Way All For Mom Sweepstakes at

Sears In-Vehicle

Keep in mind….Sears has it all, baby. Regardless of what type of mom you’re shopping for this year, Sears has you covered with great gift options for:

  • The Fashionable Mom: apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty and fragrances
  • The Outdoor Mom: patio decor & furniture, lawn & garden equipment, bikes, swimwear, sandals, luggage, digital cameras and camping gear
  • The Fitness-Focused Mom: activewear, fitness equipment, headphones, juicer/small kitchen appliances
  • Master Chef Mom: Kemore appliances, cookware, plateware, cutlery and more\
  • The Techie Mom: smart technology, tablets, cameras, TV’s and more.

It’s ok to be a last minute Nelly now…kind of. Get up and walk over to that computer or download that app and find a great gift for your wife or mother by checking out:

How much better can it be? It can’t be.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Sears. I have received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

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