Penguin Premium Blend

You want to smell good. You want to smell good so bad. So do just about all of the ladies in your life. You also want something to reflect your life, today, not something too old-school and heavy. You want something to make you and your friends feel good, don’t you?

Original Penguin announces the launch of PREMIUM BLEND, the sixth scent in its exclusive men’s fragrance collection. This is the follow-up to the 2015 ORIGINAL BLEND’s all-new package design inspired by the Hudson Whiskey bottle. The PREMIUM BLEND bottle goes more the vodka route exhibiting a smooth, translucent frosted glass.

Cool, clean, fresh.

The look of the bottle is fresh. The scent of the fragrance is even more fresh. It’s fresh for days. In fact, the aromatic freshness stimulates one’s senses and stops by-passers in their tracks. You want to stop people in their tracks, in a good way, don’t you?

Hear more about it from Master Perfumer Harry Frémont:

Inspired by a laid-back coastal road trip with the windows down amid the fresh sea breeze, legendary Master Perfumer Harry Fremont created a scent that is unique, long-lasting and undeniably addictive. This PREMIUM BLEND fragrance opens with a cool, exhilarating surge of crisp bergamot, fresh lime peel and wild spearmint. The effervescent heart of the scent is coastally aquatic and refreshingly green with an atmospheric curio of salty sea splash, Mediterranean rosemary and enticing violet leaves. The background evokes a rustic infusion of fresh musk, driftwood and woody vetiver leaving a trail that is unrecognizable yet intoxicating.

Fragrance available for $65 at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor, the Buckle, Boscov’s, and all Original Penguin boutiques. You get a free duffle bag right now with any purchase (while supplies last).

If you like the fragrance, there’s an entire line to pick up, too.

Penguin Premium Blend Line

Listen, you want to be an original with you style, so why not be an original with your fragrance, too?

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Guy and the Blog received a product sample for the purpose of this review. All sweet smelling opinions are my own.

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