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I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic event recently hosted by Armitron celebrating motivated moms.  I was able to watch my Amazin’ Mets play from the Armitron Suite at the Honda Clubhouse in Citi Field…and I was pretty much on the field. It was crazy. I was so close I felt like I was the forth outfielder. I’m pretty sure Curtis Granderson and I had a moment. If that wasn’t enough,  I even got to meet some of the beautiful wives of some of the Mets players’. Hello!

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The event was awesome, with hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts, and beer readily available throughout the game. The venue was very intimate and comfortable, a really awesome place to watch the game. I could not have picked a better spot if I tried.

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Sure there was great food and great seats for me to watch my beloved Mets. That is very true. That could have been enough to make the night complete. It was not complete, however, not by a long shot.

In addition to all of the above awesomeness, I also had the chance to meet and chat with special guests like NBC’s Talk Stoop host Cat Greenleaf and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars alum Noah Galloway. Both of them have great stories to tell and were really, just, nice people to talk to. Very easy and pleasant.

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The event was held to celebrate the accomplishments not only of these amazing attendees but also to recognize all of the wonderful moms out there doing great things. It seemed like the perfect tie-in for Armitron given that for decades, the brand has embodied and nurtured the spirit of individuality while always striving to create stylish, functional timepieces accessible to every person.

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Today, Armitron looks to advance this mission by sharing the stories of real people. Armitron wants to celebrate the eclectic, hard-working and diverse group of individuals that are the Armitron brand. Each of them with their own style, thoughts, and ambitions. That is why Armitron showcases real people in their imagery, not professional models. These are the people who truly represent the Armitron brand and this is another reason that I really like and respect Armitron.

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Armitron empowers each wearer to tell their own story through color, design, and functionality. The style, the functionality, and the variety of their line at such great prices really made an impression on me. It’s a great product at a really great value, something that’s very hard to find today. I liked the brand before the event, but now I’m fully sold. Find out for yourself.

Armitron: A story of One Watch, with Many Faces.

To find out more about Armitron and it’s entire line of both men’s and women’s watches, please check out:

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Guy and the Blog attended the event and received a gift bag including product. All opinions expressed are my own.

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