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I work from home. I run my business virtually using the world famous interwebs. Have you heard of it? In a nutshell, I need a great connection that’s constant. I need near constant access to email, social media, and everything else that I use on a daily basis. I’m on 24×7 baby and it’s vital…I need to pay the mortgage, right? Deals come and go, updates need to be made, contracts need to be signed, magic needs to happen.

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While being virtual and completely mobile has many positives, like having relative freedom and being there more for my family, there is one very big negative. Wifi signal.

Unfortunately, I just can’t get a Wifi signal to power that all important mobile internet everywhere I want or need to be. Using my cell phone’s data is an absolute killer for me…too unreliable and to too expensive. It just doesn’t make as much sense as a good old fashioned Wifi connection. Amiright?

So…what do you do when you need to make sure your business is pumping along when you are, say, at the beach or on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts? I believe I have the solution…and it is good.

NETGEAR - WiFiFam Unite Explore water sand Launch (1)

Ever heard of #RuggedWifi? Sounds dope, I know. You may be asking yourself…what is this rugged you speak of? #RuggedWifi is a secure Wifi connection that allows you to take your Mobile Hotspot virtually anywhere with you (where available, of course).

The AT&T Unite Explore by NETGEAR Mobile Hotspot is a new mobile hotspot made specifically to match the lifestyle conditions that most parents deal with every second of every day. It’s dirty, messy and occasionally gets wet. The rugged design is simple and perfect for everyday life, no matter where it takes you . It’s dustproof, water-resistant and shock-resistant (IP65 rating and certified to meet MIL-STD-810G standard for shock resistance) with up to 22 hours of battery life on a single charge. There’s even BatteryBoost to help keep your smartphone charged. You can securely connect up to 15 Wi-Fi devices (hotspot password required)! Nice.

NETGEAR Rugged Wifi Hotspot beach 3

How about hitting the beach for some surfing lessons? Don’t mind if I did. And I have to say…this little baby is the bomb. It’s small and light weight with an intuitive touchscreen to monitor data usage, battery life and network connections. It feels strong, though, when you hold it. You feel good when it gets a little wet or maybe a little sand on it and it still cranks away. I was able to get all of the emails in between waves without missing a beat. It was a real pleasure to use. I’m hooked.

NETGEAR Rugged Wifi Hotspot beach 2

Aside from the absolute mobility and ruggedness of the device, I really love the parental controls and content filtering options. With this feature, you can filter select websites and block phishing and potentially harmful Internet content.

Wi-Fi can also be shared and managed using Guest Wi-Fi, which includes a timer that can be set for the amount of time you want to let guests connect, and it will automatically turn off the Wi-Fi when their time is up.

These are both absolutely key for me given the amount of stuff on the internet that I don’t want my kids or their friends to be looking at. Limiting the amount of connection time is just another big bonus. This is a unique feature compared to other mobile hotspots in the market.

Are you still not sure exactly why you need this device? You are a tough nut? Well, I suggest that you Watch this…I think you’ll understand…silly: 

Got it now? Ok, good.

So whether you find yourself using your rugged mobile hotspot while hitting the beach, going out for a hike, climbing a mountain or whether your 3 year old accidentally drops it then spills his water on it, you will still be able to get connected because your Mobile Hotspot can accept the bumps and bruises you’re throwing at it.

NETGEAR Rugged Wifi Hotspot beach

You can pick up the amazing AT&T Unite Explore by NETGEAR Mobile Hotspot for only $49.99 with a 2 year contract.

To find out more about how you can be rugged with your wifi, please check out:

NETGEAR Rugged Wifi Hotspot beach 4

If that’s not enough…there will be a Twitter Party talking about all of the awesome possibilities of Rugged Wifi!!!

To participate, be sure to check into Twitter on June 7th at 1PM EDT and search for #RuggedWiFi. Follow @WifiFamily and @LifeofDad and away you go. You could follow me, too…because it would be awesome if you did.

Just for attending you’ll be in the running to win gift cards, a rugged camera and a rugged hotspot of your very own. How can you top that? Well, you can’t, so just swing by. I’ll be there for sure.


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I have partnered with Life of Dad, Wifi Family, and NETGEAR for this promotion. All opinions and rugged wifi manliness is my own.

*Limitations for what “rugged” means:  Meets US MIL-STD-810G for shock-resistance. Certified IP65 for protection against dust and water jets. Device will not operate under water and should be dried as quickly as possible when wet. Shock resistant when dropped from ≤ 4 ft onto flat surface.

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