Reasons To Stay Home Friday Graphic

You have spent all week working your tail off, whether you work at home or in the corporate world, once Friday night arrives the last thing you want to do is sit around and do nothing. You want to get out and shake yo’ thing. I get it. It’s like this internal clock is ticking down until 5 o’clock arrives and your mind wants to get outside of that house to enjoy a Friday night painting the town red.

While there are no problems with you wanting to be that night owl come Friday night, here’s a list of the best reasons to actually fight that feeling and stay home on Friday night once in a while as a means rejuvenate your mind and body to have a fabulous two-day weekend.

  • Keep Sleep Cycle Going – when you stay home Friday night you are telling your body that it’s sleep pattern matters, by continuing to keep your regular sleep pattern rather than go out all night long downtown.
  • You Will Be Happier – various studies have shown that people who spend late hours out on Friday night’s tend to be more stressed, which can only mean staying home on a Friday night helps you to be happier.
  • Deeper Level of Relaxation – you just spent all week working your brain and being active, so why not get yourself to a deeper level of relaxation by curling up on the couch with your favorite beverage, take a deep breath and dive into your favorite Netflix show.
  • Connect with Family – after you have spent all week focused on work obligations, Friday night is the best time to reconnect with family and see how they are all doing after their long week, this helps strengthen your family bond.
  • Gives you a Pause – all week long you have worked towards various commitments, give your brain some rest by having zero commitments on Friday nights as a means to pause and reflect upon all that has been accomplished during the week.

There are many benefits from staying home on a Friday night; as we age we tend to learn that adulthood is full of responsibilities and not what we dreamed it would be when we were those little kids saying, “I can’t wait to be an adult”. Reality is that everyone deserves a little down time after fulfilling our adult responsibilities, and Friday night is the best time to do so.

See what happens if you stay home on some Friday nights. Watch yourself become a more relaxed, carefree individual who has the energy to enjoy a fun filled weekend.

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