The ZTE SPRO2 Wireless Smart DLP Projector Really Ramps Up Your Home Theater Experience

Are you looking to get more from your home theater? Maybe have something cool with the kid’s friends come over? It’s nice to have a large screen to check out when you want to have movie night with your kids or when people are over to hang out. The bigger the better most of the time, right? While projectors have been around forever, they have always been subpar. The picture maybe wasn’t great. It was really big and clunky. It just wasn’t as slick as the other tech you using at the time.


I think it’s all about to change for you with the ZTE SPRO2 Smart Projector from JBL (MSRP $549.99).

This is a slick machine, man. It’s small (5.3” x 5.2” x 1.2” and weighs 19.4 oz), it’s powerful, and it’s ready to rock right out of the box. The SPRO2 rocks a built in 5-inch Android touchscreen to make it really easy and intuitive for any user. The built in battery eliminates the need for clunky and annoying power cords (maybe the kids actually WON’T trip and knock down this machine), making it easy to move the projector from the conference room to the living room to the great outdoors.


To top it off, just like so many of our other smart, mobile devices, users can access and project virtually any content, anywhere through USB or HDMI connections, micro SD cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Google Play apps. How can you beat it? It’s like a smart phone, only cooler and better for sharing. Liam was super psyched to learn that the HDMI input works with popular gaming consoles…gamer party, dude.


What about the actual projection you say? Well, this bad boy projects up to 120 inches with 720p HD resolution with a batter that powers 2.5 hours of projection time or up to 16 hours of connectivity. Dude…there’s even 16GB of internal storage! You can have your own movie theater (even just to watch YouTube) wherever the heck you want to have one! This is a sick, sick mobile-enabled, super smart projector all backed by the power of an Android OS. (sorry for the pick below…hey, it was pitch black)


Pick it up at Best Buy and get in on the fun. It’s awesome, seriously. The kids (and wife) couldn’t get over how cool it it. Sleepovers and family movie nights will never be the same. Small, powerful, versatile…what else could you ask for? Nothing, I say…nothing.

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