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Stress is a killer. It seems like we are always stressed. Why is that? I’m not really sure, but sometimes weeks can seem REALLY long, can’t they? Maybe you just had a difficult day and your mind is so full of thoughts that you simply cannot sleep. Many of us fall victim to being stressed out, it’s simply a part of life, but you can change it and you can work to overcome this immediate feeling of anxiety and stress before the symptoms wreak havoc upon your health. You will need to learn how to reflect on your stress and relax both your mind and body at the end of every work week as a means to enjoy the weekend completely decompressed.

Step One – Reflect

Gather your thoughts and write them down, before you can even begin to decompress you must minimize the amount of stress on your mind. Taking time to put pen to paper and write down your feelings, thoughts and stressors immediately removes those stressful moments. If you are super stressed it is likely that you haven’t taken the time to reflect upon what has stressed you out. It’s simple, but effective. It’s just so different than what we normally do…it just works.

Step Two – Disconnect

Once your stressful week has ended, for most people this is Friday evening, disconnect from all electronics and outsiders. Only pay attention to immediate communication or other needs within your household, turn off all telephones and electronics for at least an hour. Taking time to disconnect from any outside influences for at least one hour at the end of a stressful week helps you to fully reflect. You just have to do it…or you will go nuts.

Step Three – Make a Game Plan

Now that you have completely let go of all thoughts within your mind by reflecting and disconnecting, it’s time to make a game plan with how you will move forward to decompress. Since you won’t want every week to be this stressful, try to review all of the stressors you wrote down and find a way to alleviate or minimize them from your life on a regular basis. As tough as it is to plan sometimes, it really makes a big difference.

Step Four – Relax Your Mind

Part of feeling stressed out has to do with your mind and how you process emotional responses from various scenarios. Now that you have taken the steps of reflection, disconnecting and making a game plan to decompress from a stressful week; relax your mind. This last step to decompress will help lead your mind in a positive direction for a fantastic family weekend. Mind over matter, baby.

Well, what do you think? Is this something you think you can swing? I know it seems like a lot, but if it works for you, you’re golden. We all need to relax a little bit more. It’s good for us and it’s good for the people around us, too.

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