Ice Bucket Challenge


Learning how to stay cool in the summer while working from home without going completely broke on expensive air conditioning can be a difficult challenge to overcome. You are working from home to be comfortable so the last thing you want is to be sticky all day long from the sweltering summer heat. There are ways to keep cool when working from your home office and I am going to share with you some tips on how to do that, without going completely broke.

  • Thermal Backed Curtains – these are made to keep the cold out when it’s winter season and block the sunshine from beating into your home office during the summer season. While this means you will ultimately have to rely on overhead lighting, versus natural sunlight if your home office window is facing south, but it will help keep your office cool without spending a lot.
  • Turn Off Electronics – while you may not be able to turn off your work from home computer, be sure to shut off any other electronics in your office that are using up energy and generating heat during your summer work from home days. It’s well known that electronic equipment generates a lot of heat, so turn off electronics that aren’t used on a regular to keep your office cooler.
  • Use Lots of Fans – putting in a ceiling fan may be a suitable investment for your work from home office, because it can circulate air and create a cool breeze throughout your entire work day. If you aren’t able to install a ceiling fan, then make use of as many fans as you possibly can and have them set up in a way that allows air flow through your home office all day long.
  • Stay Hydrated – keep that water intake up in the summer months as it will help keep your body fully hydrated which allows your mind to be free to focus on work at hand versus your surroundings. Maintaining a proper hydration level will also keep your body from overheating easily, a natural way to keep cool.

There you have it, a few tips on how to keep cool when working from home this summer. While each of these tips are super simple to implement, they will ultimately help you save money on air conditioning while still allowing you to work in a comfortable home office environment all summer long.

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