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Bolthouse Farms, known for their of super premium beverages, launched some amazing new spring flavors with Siriously Delicious founder and “Today Show” contributor, Siri Daly and renowned photographer Bright Bazaar’s Will Taylor at Haven’s Kitchen in NYC. The space was really nice and laid out perfectly for the day of sampling and other fun Bolthouse Farms had in store for us.

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First, we sat down and got a chance to sample all the goodies.The tasting menu was stocked and ready to rock…and so was I. The we sampled 6 new beverages, each one was better than the next. Some were light and refreshing while some were richer and very satisfying.

The Raspberry Blood Orange was very tasty and one of my favorites…and then they made a cocktail…and it was good. This may be the perfect mixer for sparking wine or hard liquor alike. The sweet-tart flavor really popped.

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Berries and Green Veggies was awesome. I love green drinks that expertly mix the sweetness of fruit with the bitterness and wholesomeness of greens. This was balanced perfectly, for real. It was very tasty, all the while you know you were doing something good for your body.

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Next up…Mango Pineapple Colada. This is the tropical drink dream you’ve been waiting at the beach your whole life for. It’s great. Very tasty, healthy, and another great cocktail mixer. Classic and delicious, with a touch of mango to spice it up a bit.

Now we get to the Protein PLUS® line of deliciousness. These drinks are thick, rich, hearty, loaded with protein and flavor. Dope line of product.

Protein PLUS® Strawberry was great. I love strawberries, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry yogurt. Some of my favorites of all time…and this drink smashes with that awesome flavor. I loved it.

Protein PLUS® Coconut was tasty and rich, given the protein and the natural fatty goodness and richness of the coconut. Very tasty and balanced.

Finally, Protein PLUS® Banana Honey Almond Butter was on the menu. Now, this is pretty much a protein shake all done and ready to go. It was very sweet and very rich, the sweetest of all the 6 drinks by a long shot. The balance of the almond butter was great to balance the sweet.


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To highlight the many uses for juices beyond the bottle, Siri Daly taught us how to make easy and delicious recipes that literally rocked…hard. She also shared some other tips when cooking with juices. Then, Will Taylor offered us some of his secrets and tricks for taking the best images to ensure some super dope, very Instagram-worthy pics of all your foodie shots. It was a great day all around that really showcased how tasty, versatile, and pretty awesome Bolthouse Farms goodies are.

The event was great and the new line of flavors were really great. It’s nice the something so darn tasty is also good for you. I took some home and my kids inhaled the lot of it. I didn’t have a chance…seriously. This was a home run for me and the family.

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