New Balance Vazee 8

With July right around the corner prime outdoor time here. While I’m not quite as tough, my kids need new sneakers all the time. I like getting quality, so they last longer and wear better. Footwear is very important for so many reasons. Plus, it’s good to look cool, no? I like looking cool…

New Balance Vazee 7

For the first time, I liked a sneaker so much that I decided…the Sweeney boys are going to match, baby. Odd you say. Don’t care I say. These are my boys and I’m loving having the latest New Balance Vazee running shoes. They are awesome. Period…and the kids love them too. That’s not easy, believe me.

New Balance Vazee 2

This particular shoe was engineered for the those always in beta and constantly pushing to be better. Featuring a medial post for extra stability when you need it the most, the Vazee Prism was designed optimal speed and the superior support required for all the miles you have planned.

New Balance Vazee 3

The colorful Vazee collection is also great for kids (and kids at heart) because the shoe’s synthetic and mesh upper provide breathable, lightweight comfort and proper support- making the sneakers perfect for outdoor adventures.

New Balance Vazee 6

What do you think? Ready to run and looking for fun in a pair of Vazee Prism and Kids Vazee sneakers, ready to conquer summer adventures in comfort and style…together!! Great shoes.

New Balance Vazee 5 New Balance Vazee 4

To find out more about New Balance and the Vazee Collection, check out:

Guy and the Blog received product (3 pairs of sneakers) for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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