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If you have kids or if you are around any kids, you know how fast they grow. From day to day and week to week you can see changes, forget about as the years pass. It’s pretty incredible. With all of this head spinning (and sometimes sadness inducing) growth comes many milestones to celebrate and cherish. Some happen every year, like a birthday, and some happen only once, like baptisms or their first tooth coming in.

While we are all trying to prepare and celebrate, it’s even more important to just take it all in. You only get to live these moments one time and sometimes we forget that. It’s your job as a parent to not only celebrate it but to really enjoy it and understand it for what it is. It’s life progressing, as it should, whether we are really ready for it or not. We are all so busy all of the time it seems that we forget to actually stop and enjoy the ride. Like my kids who are planning their next playdate at their current playdate, we always seem to be looking ahead. While this is important, it’s not everything. Stop and take a breath. Take it all in, remember it’s fleeting and that whatever else you had on your mind can wait a little bit more.


There are just so many great moments to cherish…the birth of your children, their first steps, their first words, their first teeth. From there you move onto school, sports, and who knows what else. Having three kids is even better, you get to do it all over and over and you get to do new and different things with each child. It’s what life is all about, right?


With each new step and phase of life comes growing pains. It’s inevitable, as much as we hate to see it. We shield them from as much as we can, but kids will fall, they will cry, and they will get boo-boos. One of the most painful and relatively long lasting pains for my kids had to be teething. It can last for weeks and it just never seems to be easy. If my children ever felt discomfort, I simply used Baby Orajel™ Homeopathic Teething Gel to soothe their pain.

I loved the fact that it uses the soothing power of Chamomilla (commonly known as Chamomile) for a safe, effective, homeopathic solution for irritability, to provide some relief. This Homeopathic formula is Benzocaine-free, Belladonna-free, and Paraben-free!!! Then, when baby’s teeth are in and they are munching on all the goodies they can, there’s also Baby Orajel™ Tooth & Gum Cleansers available. They all loved it so much, it was a pleasure to brush their teeth..if you can believe it.


What do I love the most…it’s a toss up. Talking, walking, becoming a little person? There’s so much I’ve seen and enjoyed in the 11 years I’ve been a parent, it’s almost impossible to choose. I do have a soft spot for the 2-3 year old stage. So cute, so fun, so full of life and love. Caleb is nose-deep in this right now, and he really lights up the house. Everyone is happier and having most fun with him around. It’s tough to think of a more fun time…but having my 11 and (almost) 9 year old is a joy, too. They are really becoming their own people and it’s amazing to see. They way they all play with each other never, ever gets old. I have a lot of be thankful for.


What’s ahead? So much more and I’m looking forward to all of it! But I’m not going to worry about looking up dates and ranges because I know it will happen when it happens. Take my advice and live in the moment with your baby. Embrace every second because as they grow, the more independent they will be. The more they will hang with their friends and the less they will depend on you. Of course, they will always depend on you…but it’s different. It’s not complete and total like with the little ones. I will always have babies, even when they are old and out of the house. I just know that I can’t fully let it all go. I look forward to doing my best to take it all in (I know it’s tough) and enjoying it all. Then, before I know it…it will be time for some grandbabies to take care of, God willing. There’s a lot worse things to be looking forward to, no?

From baby’s first tooth to cleaning and caring for little teeth and gums, learning to brush, to first fluoride, Baby Orajel™ will be there with education, support and safe and effective oral care products, featuring fun characters that kids love! #1 Pediatrician recommended products for teething and training toothpaste.

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