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Each year many children are harmed in simple hazards found within the home. While parents are not neglectful, it’s just a matter of being educated in what you need to do to childproof your home.

Childproofing is no joke and can be a tedious process; this doesn’t mean it has to stress you out. The truth is you can’t put your child in a bubble, the world has dangers all over, but you can work to ensure you are childproofing your home to the best of your abilities.

Don’t get crazy, don’t get stressed, just do the little things that are quick and easy. It will make all the difference. That little one of yours is very quick and very nosey…

Safety Latches on All Locks and Doors

The key to ensuring your home is completely childproof is to ensure installation of the safety latches on all locks and doors are properly in place. Visit you whole home upstairs, downstairs and all around. Make sure to count how many cabinets, drawers and doors you have within the home that should have safety latches on them.

Be sure to properly install safety latches on all cabinets that contain poisonous or dangerous items. Safety latches on all doors are necessary, specifically once your child is able to walk around. They may let themselves out that door in just a moment, so please be sure to fasten those doors shut with safety latches on all exterior doors.

Window Guards and Smoke Alarms

We are sure you have seen various news coverage of a child, who fell out an upstairs window, it happens so easily and quickly. To be proactive in ensuring your child doesn’t fall out the screen of an upstairs window, you should place window guards on all upstairs windows with the option of doing so on the downstairs windows as well. This allows you to keep air flow with windows open but protect those little ones from falling out.

Smoke alarms need to be installed within the home; you should have one for every floor with an additional smoke alarm in areas that may have a higher risk for fires. This allows a person to hear the smoke alarm regardless of what area of the home they are in.

Outlet Covers and Corner Bumpers

All electrical outlets should have covers placed over them. There are simple options that can be easily pulled out by a toddler, or ones that lock in place and are more difficult to remove. You can determine which outlet covers works for your child and family. Just be certain to cover all open electrical outlets in your hem that are within reach of your child.

In addition to outlet covers, think about the corner bumper protectors available for sharp corners. This can be kitchen cabinets, tables and coffee tables located throughout your home. Use corner bumpers so that your child doesn’t hit their temple or head causing a cut, bruise or harmful occurrence to happen to them.

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