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I recently had the good fortune of attending a great event in NYC. It was the KidzVuz Back-to-School event. The space was a very comfortable, all-white space on the west side of Manhattan. The mood was super festive, with bloggers roaming, kids playing, and music pumping. This was a back-to-school event I could get into!

As I made my way around the event, I couldn’t help but feel that people really were enjoying themselves, from the sponsors to the attendees. When the kids are laughing, you know you have something going. Be sure to get your hashtags and social media handles in order, please.

Kidzvuz 7-16

While there were a number of great exhibits at the event, a couple of businesses really caught my eye. The top would have to be The Backyard Food Company. Now, full disclosure, my family is good friends with the family of one of the founders. That being said, friends-schmiends. This food is dope. Seriously, certifiably dope. I truly would say that if I didn’t know Matt and Louby from a hole in the wall.

The product flavors and styles are innovative and really pop. They just taste awesome and stand out from the crowd. Be it sweet and sour pickles to tomato jam to candies jalapeños, eating these goodies just make you ask…how has this not been a thing, and a thing in my life, until now? They have a knack for not only growing the freshest produce but combining and layering flavors that work in complete harmony with each other. You can tell it’s fresh, it’s small batch, and it’s made with the love of two guys that really give a crap about what they are doing. If you read their story, you can see why.

Dude…get yourself a napkin and check out what, literally, everyone that came to their table was raving (and drooling and asking for seconds and thirds) about:

Wholly Jalapeno!

Backyard Food Kidzvuz 7-16

The spreads to make your (insert just about any food here) sing!

Backyard Food Kidzvuz 3 7-16

Seriously. These spreads, jams, relishs, and pickles (not seen here) were so good the fellas had a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Backyard Food Kidzvuz 2 7-16

You’re welcome. Now you know and knowing is almost as good as ordering from them online. Don’t be shy now, your locavore tastebuds are depending on it.

Classroom Direct

I need to get this food out of my head, stat. Let me know think about something else. Maybe I can talk about another great exhibitor I really liked, especially given the BTS theme and the time of the year. My #2 of the event had to be Classroom Direct.

There just seems to be so much to get the kids for school these days. It can make your head spin. In case you weren’t hip to the game, Classroom Direct provides best-selling PreK-8 classroom supplies at budget-friendly prices.Classroom Direct Shopping Collage

Check out all of our Deals like Clearance and Price Drops. Shop over 24,000 classroom supplies including Teachers’ Favorite Arts & Crafts to Office Supplies,Furniture, Early Childhood, AV Technology and Equipment, Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Needs, Physical Education and so much more!

There’s even FREE SHIPPING on supply orders of $49 or more, every day! Done and done…you can’t be the ease and convenience of this! Hello, BTS just got easy.

Kidzvuz Gift Bags7-16

In the end, there were gift bags. Who doesn’t love gift bags. That’s correct, no one does not like gift bags. They complete the event. They put a nice little bow on it. Hopefully you get something cool in there, too. The bag setup reflected the rest of the event, well planned and nicely laid out. They looked good and were ready for a weary blogger to grab on their way to the next event or back home. I was going back home as it was Friday evening, and I was loving the goods.

The best part of the bag for me had to be the Baron Fig Vanguard Notebook. The simple and stylish design is just what I like and the calm muted colors hit just the right cord for me. I just don’t want bright and flashy, which so many planners and notebooks are today. This seems to feel just right, smack in my wheelhouse.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.36.28 PM

I like the look and feel of the clean, soft cover. It shows how much texture still means in an increasingly sterile and digital world. This feels like something that should be held and used, daily.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.36.16 PM

Another great KidzVuz event and the sober reminder that summer will end before you know it and that the kids will be out of the house all day long. While there are some days that make this very appealing, most of the time I really do miss the kids when they are gone. It’s nice to have them hanging around every day. They are only little for a short time, so I really try to enjoy it all. Besides, most of the things that annoy us as parents aren’t much of a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Keep that in mind next time you pray for school to start!!!

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