Tech Advances Kids Will Laugh At Graphic

Ever sit down and think about all of the technological advances that have happened over time? Some of the most basic inventions still amaze me today. A TV image and radio? Huh, seriously, how does this really work. It’s been around so long but it’s still is really something if you think about it.

But what do our tech-savvy and addicted kids think about everything? It all seems to be so easy to them. No wonder. I am sure there are some that you laughed about when you were a kid, listening to your grandparents tell you a story of a time that seemed so outdated. Here are 10 technological advances that are sure to make your kids laugh.

  1. The old black and white TV – kids these days and quite possibly your own self didn’t’ have to sit through old black and white TV segments.
  2. Owning Books, CD’s and a Photo Album – with all of the smartphones and digital photos, music and reading materials there isn’t’ a need to actually own a book , CD or photo album anymore.
  3. The Original Cell Phones – oh gosh, remember those old cell phones that were the size of your wall hanging phone? Or perhaps the cell phones with external antennas. Your kids are sure to giggle at those beasts.
  4. The Hanging House Phone – no more are the days where the landline phone rings and it’s attached to the wall on a cord and you have to talk in front of the whole family.
  5. Paperback Cookbooks – while you may still be a household with these, most recipes are now found online and printed on your home printer.
  6. Fax Machines – remember those loud things, old school style with the phone on the side connected to the machine and it took forever to receive information?
  7. Floppy Disks – these were something else, before the use of USB flash drives, there were floppy discs that you inserted into the front of your computer to backup data on.
  8. TV Schedules – remember having to wake a week to watch your favorite show or movie? With services like Netflix and Comcast OnDemand there’s no more waiting.
  9. Video Tapes – those old VHS tapes have been long forgotten by your kids but I am sure you may have some in storage somewhere.
  10. Letter Writing – the concept of hand writing a letter, placing it in an envelope and putting a stamp on it to drop at the post office to mail is a farfetched idea for today’s kids.

Well, what do you think? This stuff was amazeballs when it came out. Mind blowing, now it’s quaint and mostly non-existent. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

What are some technological advancements you witnessed changing in your lifetime?

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