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Do you eat food? Have you ever had cooked food? Do you live in a house with a kitchen? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you must have a range. It’s a pretty important feature to the house, isn’t it? The look, the feel, the performance are all really important in the daily ins and outs of a family. The feeling is even more intense when you are really into cooking and food. It become paramount and having a good, quality unit is imperative to you.

We had our old oven, which we liked but had some problems with, since we moved into our current house in 2007. It was fine, but we never truly LOVED it. Just recently, the door just would not close. Not a big deal, right? I fixed it the first time it happened, but it only lasted about 6 months. It must have been luck because it got to the point where it just would not close. At all. No matter what I did, I could not fix the issue again. It was time to call in the cavalry. There’s only so many meals we could cook while having to hold the door closed with our feet the entire time. It’s tiring and pretty annoying. Given that it was a pretty expensive brand, I had only a few option of who I could call to have it serviced. They came, they looked, they dropped a bomb. The hinges were shot and, of course, the entire door needed to be replaced along with it. We are talking over $500 at least to get this thing fixed.

Wha, wha, what??? Five bills??

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Now, this was a pretty unsavory prescription if you ask me, so I had to chew on it for a bit. A few days went by and the wife was not happy with me. Her legs and butt were sore from all the sitting and pressing she was doing at dinner time. It was time to make a decision…what would it be? Then, a very minor miracle happened! I was offered a new, super slick range, to review. Best Buy is so awesome…and now they have been entered into the Most Awesome Hall of Sweeney Fame. True Story. The Samsung Flex Duo™ Slide-In Electric Range with Dual Door and WiFi Connectivity (MSRP:$3399.99) in stainless was about to arrive and we could not be happier! It was kismet…and this is the dope.

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These ranges provide the ultimate in cooking flexibility. Blue LED illuminated knobs let you know if your cooktop is on, even from across the room. This is a huge plus when you have 3 kids where one thinks she’s a chef and another is just a maniac. You can also remotely monitor your cooktop and control your oven with Wi-Fi capability (science fiction anyone). The best part for us (something we always wanted actually) has to be that we can now cook two dishes at two different temperatures simultaneously. It’s crazy if you think about it. You can use a smaller oven for everyday use, or a large oven for holiday feasts. There is no transfer of smell or taste from dish to dish. But even the range top and cooking is so much better than we could have imagined. We are talking about 5 burners with one powerful and flexible burner offering two independent heating elements with power ranging from high heat of 22,000 BTU to a true simmer of 900 BTU.

Best Buy Samsung Dual Range 2

The thing is rocking. We love the dual oven, we love the power of the burners, we love the middle cooktop and the wi-fi capability. Even the little features like the blue LED ring that lights when on and the super slow closing door is just what you need to combat a crazy day. It’s really the perfect setup for us in just about every way. Plus, we know that Samsung products are always reliable and on-point, we’ve been using them for years. We really couldn’t be happier…and that’s saying a lot I think. Hey, we are spoiled, what can you say?

If you are looking for a high-end, high quality, state-of-the-art range, then this is for you. Period.

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