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Yoghurt is one of my favorite foods. Yogurt that is packed with flavor is even better. Fresh innovation when it comes to new flavors is just that much better. Noosa Finest “Aussie-Style” Yoghurt has been one of my favorites since I first came across it a few years ago. The style, straight from Colorado, is packed with flavor and does not skimp on the cream. It’s creamy and decadent, a truly awesome experience. Sure, you could have it as a snack or for breakfast…but these babies could just as easily make it onto your dinner menu as dessert…it’s that good.

While I love their classic flavors like honey or their innovative flavors like passion fruit and blood orange, the new flavors they’ve just come up with really have me floored. Dubbed Sweet Heat, along with other spiced up flavors, these yoghurts are really, simply, amazing. It’s genius, perfectly blending sweetness, creaminess, and…dum dum dah…spiciness and heat. Now, some people may think it’s a but weird to pair something like pineapple with jalapeno, but they would be wrong. In fact, they would be dead wrong because it is some of the tastiest stuff I’ve ever had. No, seriously.

Noosa Sweet Heat Yoghurt 2

Just take a look at the awesome:

  • Mexican Chocolate – Cocoa plus cinnamon plus cayenne pepper equals fantastic. I’ve had similar in hot chocolate or high-end candy bar form, but the smoothness of the yoghurt and perfect balance of spices really sets this apart.
  • Bhakiti Chai – if you love the complex spiciness of chai (think chai latte), then you will be floored by this.
  • Mango Sweet Chili – I love mango, but pairing it with honey, ginger, and crushed chilies makes for a unreal pairing. This one is not too hot, with similar heat of, say, adding red pepper flakes to pizza.
  • Raspberry Habanero  – As you would imagine, this is the flavor that packs the most heat, but I like the heat. If you know Habanero, you know what you are in for…but, again, the mix of the cream and fattiness of the yoghurt mixed with the tart sweetness of the raspberry really knock it out of the park and tames the spice just enough.
  • Pineapple Jalepeno – Jalapeno was once super spicy for most, and still is for many, but the balance of the sweet pineapple and the yoghurt really makes this enjoyable for even the most spice-averse eater.
  • Blackberry Serrano – Yet another home run, with the balance of the flavors and spice really creating an awesomely enjoyable treat.

Seriously, I love these yoghurts. The balance and innovation here is to be commended. I can’t get enough of these.  I love good yoghurt, and I’ve loved Noosa, but this new line of flavors takes it all to a whole other level. Do yourself a favor and get a little crazy. Try it for yourself, you’d be shockingly happy.

Noosa Sweet Heat Yoghurt 3

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