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I’m always looking for new gear that can be an everyday staple for me, yet be something that’s stylish enough for my wife to say that it’s on-trend. It’s a big deal when we both like the same clothes, believe me. Even more, I’m looking for something that’s an everyday value. I just can’t bring myself to spend crazy amounts of money for clothing just because of the brand. Do you know how tough it can be to get something that’s stylish yet functional at a good value?

Since the season will be changing very soon to fall, it’s time for me to think about some new transitional pieces that can bridge that gap from super hot to warm with a bit of chilly mixed in for good measure. Fall can be a tricky time weather-wide, but is my favorite season of the year and it’s time to get ready.

JCP MSX Line 3

I was really pleased to find out that JCPenney has partnered with Michael Strahan to bring an athlesiure line called MSX by Michael Strahan that is everywear for everywhere. I’m a big fan of JCPenney, as it is a store that knows about delivering cool clothes and a great value. I’m also a huge Giants fan, so anything involving the Super Bowl champ and all-time sack leader is alright by me!

MSX by Michael Strahan™ is all-out rocking with a full line of all the shorts, joggers, pants, tees and jackets that I’m pretty certain just about every guy will love. Style and choice is fantastic, but it call comes down to quality and the little details when I’m looking for new gear. The entire line sports some advanced comfort features and technology you won’t find anywhere else, like flat no-chafe seams, auto-locking zippers, built-in UV protection, moisture-wicking stretch fabrics, and reflective strips for safe visibility. This is what sets one line of gear apart from the others.

JCP MSX Line 2

Transitional pieces like the tech-knit bomber, tech-knit jogger pants and tech-knit shorts have become an everyday staple and all my clothes from this line has become necessities for me. MSX by Michael Strahan allows us fellas to easily mix performance wear with casual wear to meet the high demands of the day in comfort. That’s what it’s all about in today’s world, especially for a blogger.

This is a very functional line that looks great that I can wear and be very happy in every day of the week. All at a great price. Dope indeed. I think I’m ready for fall.


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This post is in collaboration with JCPenney. All opinions expressed are my own.

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