Chef's Cut Bacon Jerky

I love jerky. I like it in all shapes and sizes. All natural to nitrate-laden. Beef to chicken to turkey to bison. Sweet, salty, spicy. It’s literally all fantastic and I really enjoy it. I’ve had Chef’s Cut Real Jerky many times and it’s one of my favorites, for sure.

I’ve had a lot of jerky…can we all just agree on that. I think I have to throw that all out of the window because I’ve never had jerky like when I tried Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Uncured Bacon Sriracha jerky. No, I’m serious. This stuff is absolutely ridiculous. It’s bacon…and jerky. It’s spicy yet sweet and oh so tender from all that awesome bacon fat. This is literally one the tastiest and most enjoyable foods I’ve ever eaten, not just in relation to jerky, but in relation to life itself.

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The play of the smoky bacon and the bacon fat makes it melt in your mouth. the inherent saltiness is matched perfectly by the spicy garlicosity of the Sriracha, but with a cane sugar kick to mellow it all out. It’s brilliant. It’s genius. It’s ridiculously good. I ate it alone as a snack…then I put in bread to make the best bacon sandwich you could imagine. Dude…you have to try this stuff. You owe it to yourself as a human to consume this. If you do, tell me I’m not right. I dare you.

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Guy and the Blog did not receive a thing from Chef’s Cut. It’s just awesome and I had to share.

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