How Dads Can Bond With Their Tween Dughter Graphic

The changing times of adolescence in girls can create a complicated relationship between dad and daughter. This is the time when your tween daughter will be trying to separate more from her parents and moving towards being her own independent person. Regardless of how independent your tween daughter is trying to be, she still needs her parents and having moments to bond together will be vitally important at adolescence. It’s tough, very tough. Believe me, I know. Today was Natalie’s first day of MIDDLE SCHOOL! Here are some thoughts:

  • Get Educated – Dads don’t always understand a female which is the same when it comes to your tween daughter. Take time to get educated on what your tween daughter is going through and why, this will better help you find bonding moments.
  • Listen Fully – Dads may be guilty of trying to fix their tween daughter’s concerns, woes and issues but you must stop and listen fully. This age of adolescence brings on confusing times and your tween daughter simply needs you to listen fully.
  • Be Present – learn to help when your tween daughter asks for your help, even if it is just giving her a ride to meet up with friends. If she has asked you to drive her, then do it, this is the perfect moment to bond a little.
  • Be Respectful – treat your tween daughter as you would expect a future boyfriend to treat her. Open doors and be a gentleman fatherly figure so that your tween daughter looks up to you for being the best Dad ever.
  • Express Love – while your tween daughter may have her moody days during this stage in life, she still needs a hug from her Dad. Remember to express love to your tween daughter, even though some days may be challenging. She still needs her Daddy.
  • Teach Independence – be the one who teaches your tween daughter how to drive the car, how to cook her own meals, and anything else you could educate her to do on her own. Teaching moments equal bonding moments.

The amazing role that Dads play in their tween daughter’s life goes beyond what you see on the surface. Tween daughters who have an involved dad figure in their life tend to have higher self-esteem, excellent academics and less willing to settle for anything lower than they deserve. A dad is the one who sets the future limits on what his tween daughter will tolerate in her life, so why not start setting those limits today. Be the example you desire your tween daughter to flock to later on in life.

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