Are you looking to make a change? Do you want to do something that’s not only better for the environment but also better for your bank account? There are ton of ways to do it. Maybe cut down on that bottled water or buy less coffee outside your house or you can get solar panels on your roof, too. This is all well and good, but the most fun act you can probably take would be to get a new car. Everyone loves their car and the awesome ability it gives you to live your life and to have fun. I feel like this is the ideal addition to my list of being healthier and happier in 2016 and beyond. I’m making changes in my life as you know, like taking up meditation and yoga, eating better, exercising more, and just making sure I’m happier and enjoing my family and my life as much as I possibly can. I’m all about making a huge more into a new EV car, no doubt about it. It just seems to make sense, no??

What if you were able to get a car that looks and performs like a champ, is affordable, and will save you money on gas while saving the environment?? It’s possible, even though it sounds too good to be true. It’s the perfect step to take in 2016 and the future is here, right now. The Kia Soul EV is the perfect ride if all that I mentioned is on your “to-do” list. The car is a home run, all with the quality and overall awesomeness we all have come to know and expect from Kia.


To be clear, the Kia Soul EV is 100% electric and 100% gas-free. This five passenger and five door car is THE most practical way to get to where you want to go, as green as possible!! If you are eco-conscious and green-friendly, this is the way to really bring it all into your daily life, one errand at a time. To top it off, you can charge this car in a standard house outlet, right along with your smartphone! You can go up to 93 miles on one charge, too. That’s insane and just about perfect given that 95% of US driver’s daily commutes are under 40 miles and the average commute is only 13.6 miles!

The Kia Soul EV is affordable to boot! Starting as low as $21,450* with the $7,500 US tax credit, the Soul EV is packed with energy-smart innovations and features a standard DC Fast Charge port!


I’m so psyched about this car, I’m going to check it out during the Drive Electric Week event that’s closest to my house! It’s next Wednesday in Bridgewater, NJ. It’s going to be outstanding, I can’t wait. If you have any interest, like I think you do, then you should definitely check it out! There are events all week with Kia, all around the country. 

Here is The Complete list of all Kia Soul EV Events at Drive Electric Week! Come take a test drive and see what I’m talking about!!!

  • National Drive Electric Week LA, CA Sept. 10th
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA Sept. 13
  • National Drive Electric Week Bridgewater, NJ Sept. 14
  • Alt Car Expo Santa Monica, CA Sept. 16-18
  • National Drive Electric Week Ithaca, NY Sept. 17
  • EV Week San Francisco, CA Sept. 17-18

So…will I see you next week in NJ???

To find out more about Kia and the Kia Soul EV, please check out:

  • Twitter: @Kia
  • Facebook: @Kia
  • Instagram: @KiaMotorsUSA

*($31,950* MSRP – $7,500 federal tax credit – $3,000 Kia bonus cash)

Guy and the Blog is partnering with Kia Motors USA and DriveShop on this post and event. All opinions expressed are my own.

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