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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Procter & Gamble (P&G).


Potty training. It can be easy or it can be tough. Typically, it’s not the smoothest experience in the world. How could it be? One thing is for sure…it’s a big deal for you and your toddler. The key to it all, whether it’s your first child or your fifth, don’t get discouraged. You have to stick with it and do your best. It will happen, just remember that!!

This time with Caleb, our third potty training run, was much more casual than the first two times. Vera and I didn’t push it. We didn’t roll up all the rugs and give him underwear day 1. We didn’t got completely nuts or make Caleb completely nuts either. We just let it happen at his pace and, guess what, it worked! I’m happy to report, even though he still wears New Pampers Easy Ups at night, we have a potty trained boy!


To get you going, here’s my 2 cents and a few potty training tips from me to you:

  1. Don’t start potty training your children until you think they are ready, it’s better for everyone if you wait until your child shows signs of interest
  2. Engage your child with books and movies about potty training, it makes it that much more fun
  3. If you have older siblings, bring your youngest along and have them watch what happens in the bathroom
  4. Don’t be afraid to make a big deal about small wins, they will be so happy
  5. I rewarded number two and I’m not ashamed to admit that, toys and candy always do the trick
  6. Let your other kids get involved, your little one will really love the fact that they are
  7. Purchase potty training diapers that are fun and have characters your children love, you don’t have to push the underwear right away…they play a vital role in potty training


You want to know why number 7 is so important? First, it’s a logical and pretty awesome stepping stone to pee-pee and poo-poo independence! Your little one can easily pull them down and pull them up as they take care of, um, business. (FYI: 60% of moms say pulling pants up and down is hardest task for toddler). You know, Pampers Easy Ups are preferred by 50% more moms for being easier to pull up and down.


The Easy Ups look, fit and feel like real underwear, so they feel big, but still have superior leak protection just in case. Another plus, I would tell my kids, “You don’t want to pee pee on (insert cool character name here), do you?” Of course they did not, so my job was much easier! Plus…Thomas the Tank Engine…I mean, c’mon.

Pampers Easy Ups were always our go-to training pants. Just think about this – there are over 10MM moms preparing to, or already in the process of potty training their child each year. While “quick training” is popular in articles, in practice potty training takes an average 90 days for a child to master, so if it seems like it’s taking forever, it’s probably not. Oh yeah, don’t forget the wipes. Those are so important in so many ways…seriously.


When you are ready to go (or is it when THEY are ready to go…get it?), remember that you can find Pampers Easy Ups at your local Babies R Us. Check out these deals on Pampers Easy Ups at Babies R Us!!

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So, after all of my wisdom, still not sure what to expect with potty training just yet? Click here for a fun quiz about what to expect when potty training!! When you take the “Do you know what to expect when you’re potty training?” quiz, you will have a chance to win a $25 Babies R Us gift card and Pampers wipes. View the form below to see how you can enter to win!

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