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So you have a child. Said child is anywhere from around 2 1/2 to roughly 3 1/2. For most people this is prime potty training time. I am actually dead smack in the middle of my third run at this mystical and magical phenomenon. The best advice I could give to you in this…fully commit to it, 100%. Do not go half way. Once you decide to take the plunge and you think the little one has a shot of complying, don’t waver. Even if there are accidents a plenty. You have to roll up those rugs, put on the pull-ups they love, and let them go! Summer is good because they can be outside more. Be sure to remind them that they have to go to the potty…about every half hour or so (no, it’s not annoying, it’s a must). Whenever they want to sit, throw some wee-wee pads down…it never hurts! When they do pee (and the poop will come, but later), give them a treat. Why not?? We like small candy treats or gum…and so does Caleb. He goes nuts when everyone praises him and gives him the candy. He revels in the attention and the compliments…revels! To get he/she to poop…go big the first couple times…go with a toy!! They will love that even more!


Now, since it’s summer, there’s an added element to all of this. There’s the…summer vacation. Yes, that grand old tradition called vacation. It’s that time of the year and we love to take summer vacations. But, be it by road or by air, what are you to do when you are right smack in the middle of potty training the little?? Well, rule #1, DO NOT postpone and let it all revert back to square one. That would be WAY too confusing, for everyone involved. You have to stick to the plan, same as you would if you were at home. You just have to do it. We actually took two vacations to Walt Disney World in Florida when the kids were in the middle of potty training. It can be really stressful and intimidating. The best part of it, though, is that places like Walt Disney World are geared so much towards kids and family that there is everything you need, from shops with the goodies you need to bathrooms are seemingly every corner. We absolutely love going to Walt Disney World. It never gets old, for me, Vera, or the kids. It’s really a magical place. Don’t let some potty training stop you!!! For information on traveling to Walt Disney World with a preschooler click right here.

As far as taking the’s really easy for us (and it should be pretty easy for you, too). It’s a little more than a two hour flight! No problem…the kids always loved going to the bathroom on the plane anyway, with those little toilets and all. It’s much easier than you think.


One of the final issues we all have had to deal with when training is deciding which pull-up diaper is the best one to ease the transition into underwear while also trying to get it at the best price. The answer for many millions of people has to be Huggies® Pull-Ups purchased at BJ’s Wholesale Club. No doubt. This place is stocked with everything you need at awesome prices. Winner.

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Now, back to the diapers! The best part about these pull-ups is the mix of fun and function. I’m a huge fan of the improved day & night protection and the more comfortable fit with more coverage. It’s also the underwear-like design that really helps teach the kids how to put them on and take them off. It’s a great teaching tool for the kids, plus the easy open sides make daddy a lot happier when quick and easy changes are needed. They even come in awesome Disney designs, like Lightning McQueen (hello!) to really make the kids go nutso!! The designs even fade when wet to promote learning even more.

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All of this talk has gotten me in the mood to share some good news! BJ’s and Huggies® are all about family firsts, including one family’s chance to experience the magical firsts of Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida. So…with every Huggies® purchase you make, you get another chance to win a 4-Day, 3-Night Walt Disney World® Experience with this fantastic Sweepstakes!! That’s pretty amazing, man. Seriously. Can you imagine getting to hit  Walt Disney World because it was time to potty train your child?

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