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Do you love documenting outdoor activities, special events, or even your day-to-day life? Do you love getting it all on camera so you can enjoy it later? Life moves by pretty quickly, believe me, it’s hard for me to believe sometimes. If you’re someone that really loves to get it all on video so that others can feel as if they were there, right along with you, then I think I have the perfect solution for you.

I had a little treat under the Christmas tree this year and I can’t wait to break this baby out. I think we will hit our next road trip…we are going to Rhode Island to visit friends this week. This would be awesome when we are driving though Long Island’s North Fork wine and farm country and then on the Long Island Sound ferry over to Connecticut! The camera that will deliver the goods is the WASPcam™ 9907 4KIt’s one of WASPcam™’s newest camera models and it’s packing WiFi along with stunning new 4K video resolution, time-lapse video, and crystal clear 20MP still photos. In other words, the new 9907 4K is WASPcam™’s most technically advanced camera to date and it really packs the awesome.

The great part about this camera is that it’s not only build to take amazing video and still shots, but it’s made to be super convenient to use, especially for those that are always looking for their latest adventure. For example, the built-in Wi-Fi connects the camera to an iPhone or Android for live viewing, recording and sharing content online with friends and fans – you can share it all right in the middle of all the action!

The WASPcam™ 9907 4K is also completely waterproof, down to 98 feet, without the addition of a waterproof case, and includes a 1.5-inch LCD viewing screen on the back of the camera – and that’s pretty amazing. This will really come in handy the next time I hit the beach, or go for a snorkel on a cruise to the Caribbean.

This amazing camera also sports loop recording and an auto looping function, which allows the camera to be used as a dash camera. Users can have their camera record in two-minute, five-minute, or 10 minute segments. Finally, the 9907 4K also includes a new Video Time-lapse feature, allowing users to shoot time-lapse videos at either 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 60 second intervals.

To top it off, WASPcam™ in general is gives you all the accessories you need to get started. Included with the camera: Tall J-Hook Buckle, Flat Adhesive Mount, Curved Adhesive Mount, Straight Joint Mount, Short Basic Buckle, and a Mini Side Bracket. Done and done.

Bottom line…this camera has it all. You get 4K quality video, a waterproof camera and all the accessories you need to get started, all for $329.95. Great price, too. This is a truly sweet deal for the adventurer, explorer, extreme sporter, or just video-lover in your life.

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NOTE: The WASPcam 9907 4K Camera supports microSD cards up to 64GB, class 10.

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