I’m a huge Netflix guy. It’s just a great service and I love that they are creating so many top-notch shows and movies. I love the family-friendly content even more since it’s something great for the kids and I to get into. When I found out that they were creating a series around Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and was having the cast come and talk about it in NYC, you know I had to be there.

The space was so cool. If you know the building, you know it truly is an amazing, timless masterpiece. This was the perfect setting for this show and this event.

Daniel Handler, Neil Patrick Harris and the cast held this really intimate event at the majestic New York Public Library!! It was great. We had hot chocolate and snacks while the cast read stories to the kids. We got a sneak peek of the show, too. It look awesome! And who doesn’t love Neil Patrick Harris. No one I would imagine.

The show is getting rave reviews for good reason. The show is great. The story line, the cast, the performances, and the cinematography are unique and outstanding. It’s weird, kind of scary, a bit dark kind of creepy, and sad yet it has it’s funny moments. I guess it’s like a dramedy, if that’s really “a thing.” You want to hate Olaf and really root for the kids to get the other adults to believe how awful they are being treated. You get really emotionally involved, right from the first episode. You are glued to the screen. Plus, the kids love it. They eat it up, which is always a home run. It has a bit of “weird,” and that’s the point.

This is just another awesome Netflix Original and another reason to subscribe to the service.

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