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I know there’s snow on the ground for a lot people, including me, but whether you can believe it or not, the spring and warm weather are just around the corner. I love the sun, the flowers, and the great outdoors. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of every minute of it. To really take advantage of every minute, though, I have to deal with a constant issue. The issue is biting insects ravaging me and the kids in my yard. Mosquitos, no see ums, wasps and more seem to be more of a problem each and every year. It’s annoying and it could be very dangerous. There seems to be stories in the news about new mosquito-fueled disease outbreaks every year. Zika virus anyone?

For me, there’s nothing more important than protecting my family. Sprays, mists, candles have all kind of worked, but mostly failed. It seems like an uphill battle, but I refuse to give up! I will enjoy that backyard one way or another!!

One amazing way for everyone to take care of their insect problems is DynaTrap. DynaTrap is completely awesome. It’s literally like a miracle. It’s a 3-way insect control that is a safe, silent, and simple way to safeguard your living space from mosquitoes and more by trapping insects without the use of chemicals. It’s a home run. Check out the amazing tech behind this:


So it’s brilliant in other words. There are a few models that protect your home and land up to a full acre wide. The best part, it’s so effective that over time, you may not have to worry about some of these insects at all any more. The best part for me is that it’s so easy to set up and maintain. And once it’s set-up, it’s all about the 3 S’s:

Boom, bam, thank you DynaTrap. Seriously, it’s a real game changer for me and my family. I love this thing. It catches everything!!

Not sure how, or if, it works? It does, but check out this video anyway:

Make sense now? It’s awesome stuff. I love it and it’s a great company to support. A family company that makes an amazing product and is willing to help out when it can! Prime example – Mosquitoes gained quite a bit of press regarding the Zika virus, particularly in Miami, FL. So, I’m pleased to share that DynaTrap partnered with the city of Miami last Fall and donated over 200 DynaTraps to help in the fight against the Zika Virus. Find out more right here: dynatrap.com/dynatrap-miami-donation/!!

As great a value as the DynaTrap is already, I wanted to let you in on a little secret. DynaTrap is partnering up to give you a deal. Beginning today online and on TV this Sunday, DynaTrap will be Today’s Special Value on QVC television and QVC.com! 

So what does that mean? DynaTrap is offering its DT1100-DEC 1/2 acre traps and DT2000XL-DEC full acre traps at a remarkable value of over 40% off, plus additional light bulbs. These traps will also be available in exclusive colors (copper, black, and stone). For context, take a peek at the black color versions below:

To celebrate this awesomeness and to help spread the word, I am hosting a Twitter Party to talk about the benefits of the DynaTrap and how awesome a deal the QVC special is. Here are the details:

Time: Sunday, March 12th, at 3PM EST

Hosts To Follow: @DaddySweeney, @Rick_OntheRocks, @DYNATRAP

Hashtag To Follow: #GuardYourYard

Prizes: QVC Gift Cards every 10 minutes from $25 to $100!!

NO RSVP REQUIRED, Just Show Up and Have Fun!

To get you ready and to find out more about DynaTrap, please join on Sunday! In the meantime, check out:

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