I am in full good eating healthy mode right now. Carbs are ok, just limit them. Eat a ton of veggies and fruit. Good fat like nuts, olive oil, and avocado are your friend not foe. And protein is key to all it. Protein is an important building block for your body, many think of protein as something used to build muscles. Often times you hear of bodybuilders increasing their protein substantially as a means to get those bulky muscles, but even the average everyday person needs protein. There are many ways you can increase your protein so that you stay fuller longer, feel healthier and actually become healthier.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a great source of protein that you can easily sneak into everyday meals. Think about having cottage cheese with a favorite fruit sliced up in it during your work day. This is a quick snack or side to serve with any meal. Cottage cheese has approximately 13 grams of protein in a 4oz serving, just to give you an idea of how much protein this healthy option offers.


Whether you love them or hate them, just one cup of peas has approximately 8 grams of protein which isn’t all that bad for a plant based food. Peas are also gluten and lactose free which is perfect for those who suffer from allergies. You can eat your peas as a side to any meal or purchase protein powder that is derived from peas.

Greek-Style Yogurt & Icelandic-Style Skyr

Sure you may love to eat a yogurt for snack during your day thinking that this is a great option. While yogurt is a great option for snacking, Greek-style yogurts (many are made in America now) and Icelandic-style Skyr (America stepping up here, too) will hold the most protein. Usually just one plain Greek yogurt will provide you with 15 grams of protein per serving, keeping you fuller longer and increase that protein in a healthy way. It’s also much thicker and more satisfying. I love Siggi’s skyr the best of all. Little sugar added, super rich, fat free, ton of protein.

String Cheese

This is a quick grab snack that satisfies about the same level of protein one cup of milk will provide you. For every cup of milk you take in, you gain about 8oz protein but eating a low-fat string cheese stick will provide you with a fun snack option while allowing you to intake a comparable level of protein. The full fat tastes creamier and is not terribly more fat or calories. Just make up for it the rest of the day if you choose the full-boat option.


Eggs are one of the least expensive forms of protein and perhaps the most amazing. You can make so many great things with eggs from sandwiches to hard-boiled eggs to omelettes loaded with veggies. It’s also proven to be one of the most filling foods in the world. Have an egg for breakfast as a sandwich or omelette and you may not even have lunch. It’s a home run.


These are a great snack option, but be sure to research which jerky sticks pack the most protein without adding extra junk. There are some brans of jerky/meat sticks that provide you with approximately 14 grams of protein per serving, which is a pretty decent level while having a tasty snack! Most are low calories and fat, too. The one rub, it can be a bit high in sodium. That’s not the end of the world if the rest of your day is filled with lower sodium foods. Chef’s Cut is awesome. Yes, this is probably just about the highest fat jerky you can find…but Chef’s Cut Real Sriracha Bacon Jerky is just so stinking awesome. Treat yourself…and be good the rest of the day!

The best way to increase your protein without even realizing it is to diversify the foods you use to increase the protein. We often get tired of diets and changes in our eating habits because we use the same options day in and day out. As human beings we need change and we are quite adaptable as a race, try some of these options I shared today to increase your protein and enjoy some new foods!

Good luck and enjoy. You can really eat better and still enjoy it.

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