One of the largest challenges of parents raising sons is to get them to have a love of books. When it comes to raising boys, most of them aren’t going to be interested in reading the average school assigned novel. With my 9 year old Liam, it can be like pulling teeth. It’s nuts. With my 4 year old Caleb…it’s just a non-starter. Try as we, he’s a toughie. You have to keep plugging away. Try different types of books. Bite the bullet and let them read that they want and not what you want them to. It’s tough, I know. Perhaps your son prefers reading graphic novels, tutorial books for their favorite video games or books filled with fantastical beasts and monsters. When learning how to encourage your son to read, keep a few things in mind:

Discover What Genre of Books Engage Him Most

Using the public library within your town is a great way to learn what genre of books work well for you son. Have a little family field trip to the public library where you walk around the books sections for your son’s age level and have him select a few books. Once home, have him read these books and listen to him when he explains each book. Learn which genre makes his eyes appear happier and interested, and then go with that genre until he outgrows it.

Read to your Son Often

Sometimes simply reading aloud to your son, even if he’s old enough to read alone, will help encourage your son to read. Sit with your son each night, have him beside you or at least in a spot where you can see the pages as you read them, often times this encourages your son to read along with you. Reading aloud to your son helps encourage them to want to read on their own more often, helps with pronunciation of words and is a great way to encourage your son to read by setting the example.

Designate a Reading Time for Family

Set aside a specific time each day to have the whole family read. When the whole family reads on a regular basis your son will start to see the importance of reading. While your son may still give you a hard time and find it difficult to focus on a book at times, continue having this reading time for family. Reading as a family will benefit your household in so many ways such as encouraging a vivid imagination, increasing creativity and enhancing vocabulary for everyone.

Have a Bookshelf Full of Books in Home

Having a bookshelf full of books in your home to include books from the genre your son is interested in will help your son to start reading a book when bored. Kids tend to get bored easily but when they have something in front of them at all times it peaks their curiosity and relieves boredom. Watch as you see your son go from whining about being bored to starting to develop the habit of grabbing a book to read during those bored moments.

Consider E-Readers

While many parents prefer their son read a hard cover or paperback book, you have to be open minded to the times your son is growing up in. These days e-readers are pretty low cost and a great way to encourage your son to read because there’s a high percent change he’s interested in technology. Purchase a low cost e-reader, get access to books that are within the genre your son loves and allow him to use an e-reader during family reading time to encourage his love of reading.

Before you know it school will be out for the summer season and you will have to find new ways to encourage your son to read. It’s a never-ending battle. You know, like most of parenting is. Don’t give up on using these 5 tips to encourage your son to read. Keep at it and hope for the best. It’s well worth the effort.

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