I love being a dad. It was a game changer. I love this recent family shot, it’s amazing to see how we’ve all grown. That’s why I was psyched to have partnered with Pampers for this. 

A Dad Is Born!

When a baby is born, a dad is born. This Father’s Day, Pampers celebrates that incredible feeling little ones bring to the hearts of dads through unconditional love. On Father’s Day and every day, Pampers is giving thanks to babies for making dad feel exceptionally special and empowering him to discover new roles in life through fatherhood.

Natalie 2016 and 2005

Becoming A Dad Is Big

This all really got me thinking. It’s a pretty amazing way to look at things, right? It’s completely opposite from the norm, but I can really dig it. It’s true for sure. Without my little guys, I wouldn’t be a dad, I wouldn’t have all of this life to live, I wouldn’t be, well, me. Becoming a father was literally a life changing experience. It’s not just a cliche, it’s 100% true. If you ask me, it’s what life it really about. You truly begin to live when you experience having a child to love and take care of. Yes, there are ups and downs as there are with just about every part of your life, but the good far outweighs the bad. I don’t even think it’s close. And if you play your hand right, even the downs will teach you and make you understand life just a little bit more. That’s really all we can do as dads and as people. Do the best we can, and I try to do that every day. Whether I succeed at that is an entirely different story. But, I do know, that being a dad made my life that much better. It made my family that much stronger, and it made me the man I am today.

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As A Dad, I’m Thankful For…

Since this is such a big deal to me, I wanted to just jot down and share with you a list of some of the things I really thankful for…as a dad.

  1. Thanks for making me into a man, a real man. Until I was a dad, I really didn’t know what it was to be one.
  2. Thanks for making me understand what real frustration is. Yes, being a dad can be a trying experience, and because you love them so much and want the best for them, every little thing can become a big deal and so frustrating you want to scream.
  3. Thanks for making me understand what life is really about. You go through life before being a dad and think that so many things are important. Then you have a baby and you realize that nothing else really, truly compares and you begin to see things very differently. And it’s a good thing.
  4. Thanks for making me value cleanliness and order. Man, these kids just do not get that being clean and organized is a good, if not vital, component of being a civilized human being.
  5. Thank you for making me open my eyes to all the good in life. Trying to see things as a kid is such a great thing for a jaded adult to do. They see all the good and they have fun in just about everything. Sure, we all have real-world troubles and worries but not one of us wouldn’t be better off looking at life from the perspective of a kid (most of the time).
  6. Thanks for honing my persistence. Sometimes I can feel like a quitter, but having kids makes me want to be a winner. I want to win every argument and I want them to do as they are told! I’m also very good now at repeating myself, saying the same things, each and every day. Over and over again. Now, that’s dedication.
  7. Thanks for spending my money. I just don’t know what I would be doing with all the extra cash I would have if my kids didn’t cost so much! LOL! Just kidding, they can cost a lot, but that’s all on us. We want them to have it all, and if I’m being honest, I’d rather spend it on them then me anyway.
  8. Thanks for making me realize I’m a cool nerd. I have no interest in being cool. I’m too old for that. I revel in not knowing the latest celebs, apps, and whatever else.When I play an old song that’s been remade, they think it’s cool. When I pick them up at 10PM from a party because I let them stay late, I’m cool. When I teach them about real life things that school cannot teach them, I’m cool. No matter what, the kids recognize that and appreciate it. I like that.
  9. Thanks for loving me. It’s tough to beat the love of your kids. They love you no matter what. Fights, punishments, let downs, bad days, they still love you. They think you are superman and are always there. They make you feel good. They make you see what real love it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

If this list isn’t life changing, I mean, c’mon.

Caleb 2013

A Beautiful Video

Pampers has released a new #ThanksBaby video that captures the amazing relationship that is created between a dad and his baby when a baby is born and the beautiful journey of fatherhood begins. Check it out right here:

Thanks Pampers

Thanks to Pampers for making me realize that Father’s Day is also about saying #ThanksBaby to my babies.

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Pampers honors dads for just being dads and thanks them for all the amazing things, big and small, they do to help little ones have a better, loving, more fulfilling life. Please join them by tweeting why you are most thankful for baby with the hashtag #ThanksBaby.

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