The biggest struggle with the current day parent is the challenge of trying to keep tech in check. There’s good and bad technology, as with any other area in life, but what do you do when you are a tech driven family that needs to learn how to keep that tech time in check? Today I will share a few tips to keep tech in check so that your household has some sort of balance in life.

No Tech When Dining

Whether you are seated around the family dining room table or at a restaurant with the kids, make it a rule to have no tech when dining. You probably have seen it time and time again where a family is seated at a restaurant and each member has their smartphone out surfing away, no communication happening at all. Make it a rule that there will be no tech allowed during family dining experiences in home or outside of home.

Tech Planner

You have heard about meal planning and diet plans to ensure the family is keeping up with healthy eating, why not create a tech planner? Utilize this planner as a means to keep tech time organized. List out when tech is allowed, when it is not allowed and if you have a family PC try to designate the time shared between siblings so that each have a bit of time to enjoy tech while still learning how to interact face to face as siblings.

Be the Example

While you may work from home and think that you need to be in front of the computer or other device all day long to review emails or respond immediately to a client, know when to set it down. There has to be a time for work and a time for family. If it’s family time, then be the example by setting down the tech and speaking with your kids. Play a board game with them or sit to discuss their day, be present without a device in your hands.

Set Clear Guidelines

Create clear guidelines around tech, such as when it is allowed and when it is not allowed. Be sure to have these guidelines followed thru by every family member. While the kids may have stricter guidelines than the parents, it’s still important to discuss what you expect when it comes to tech usage. Take time to explain why you are trying to keep tech in check with your tech family and why down time together matters.

These tips for keeping tech in check with the tech family should surely help todays parents work around the idea that tech is important but so is together time as a family unit. Remember you only have 18 years to raise those kids, make them count!

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