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When it comes to our lives, it’s good to be fresh. We always hear about how fresh the produce or the fish is. We like fresh coats of paint and kids with fresh faces. If we were 1980s rappers, we would want to have fresh kicks and fresh rhymes. Fresh is good (unless your kid is getting fresh the way you were told you were being fresh when you said your aunt smelled funny, but let’s forget about that right now).

While there are so many ways to get and appreciate being fresh, perhaps the best kind of fresh I’ve come across is the kind that comes up out of nowhere, like a super cool little surprise party. When you’re not looking for the fresh and the fresh comes and finds you, it’s a home run. It’s something to celebrate. I got some fresh in my face the other day when I was doing my regular Costco run with the kids.

We were hitting Costco the way we always do…hard. They have it all and it’s awesome. You can get fresh crab legs and vitamins, freshly baked bread and enough mayonnaise to fill your bathtub. Fresh new appliances, electronics, snacks, really anything you could imagine. It’s all right there, it’s usually an ample amount, and the prices are great. To top it off, the employees are really great and always try to help.

It’s really always a great experience, even down to all those awesome free samples. It seems like every time I go to Costco, there’s so many samples, the kid’s come home not needing dinner. If that’s not a win all by itself, I don’t know what is. For real, do you know how many times we’ve had one of those samples and came away with a package from the deal. It’s awesome being able to try new things or new versions of favorites before you buy it. This visits favorite…Tic Tac variety pack. It’s just something you can’t experience shopping online, no question. Please excuse my children and their nosedive into the fluffy pillows. Everyone needs to chill sometimes.

Anyway, as I was saying, Costco really does offer just about everything you could think of, and it’s usually the best of quality. The cool thing, though, is that they have so much space in that warehouse store that they are always adding new products to the shelves. There’s always something new. It’s great. So you could imagine how fantastic it was when, as I was picking up the kids’ vitamins, I came across an awesome NEW product offering in Costco stores. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash is a favorite of mine, but this time is came in a 3-pack of 18oz bottles. Dope. How awesome is that? I love this stuff and I’ve been using it for years, but being able to pick up all this goodness at a sweet price at Costco was an awesome surprise. I had to go to other stores to pick this up in the past…no more!

Men, let me break this down for you. Please pay attention, as this is important. First, stop using your wife’s body gels and other stuff. I know it’s easy, but you’re an adult male and need to treat your body like you are. You’re all grown up, so it’s time to trade up to Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash. Second, don’t you want superior clean while hydrating skin, making it stronger and healthier and actually smelling like a dude? Sure, rosehip surprise smells great, but show some moxy, man. You love the MMA and prik rinds, but use that stuff to clean up? Next, Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash features an ultra-light formula that rinses off easily, removing daily oil build-up, for a refreshing clean and total skin comfort. Also, this freshness even has some sweet Micromoisture technology, which is clinically proven to fight dryness better than regular men’s body wash. It leaves no yucky-poo feeling, know what I’m saying? Finally, you don’t smell like fuschia nightfall surprise, man. No more fuschia and daffodils. It’s all about being super fresh…like a man. Think about it.

I’m not really sure there’s very much more I can say about the awesome I’ve just broken down for you. The next time you are joy riding and getting things at your local Costco, be sure to meander (or run, whatever suits you) over to the toiletries section. Mine is by the front. When you’re there, make sure you’re looking fresh and ready to get even fresher. In bulk. For a special price. Now that’s good. Real good.

To find out more about getting super fresh with Dove Men+Care, be sure to check out:

Note: Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash is available in a 3-pack for $11.99. This product is only available at Costco in select regions.

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