Parenting is no joke. Basically if you have more than one child then you know how stressful it can be when knee deep in sibling rivalry, laundry and the ever famous, “I am bored” that comes out of your child’s mouth on a regular basis. Life as a parent can be stressful. Ok, it is stressful. But it can also be outstanding. No matter what, parenting takes a lot of energy, focus and dedication. Maybe a lot of alcohol, too. That was a joke. Quite, yes it was. With that being said, there are ways you can enjoy the stressful life of parenting! Check out my 2 cents right here:

Get Enough Sleep

There’s nothing worse in life than not getting enough sleep. When you are sleep deprived the patience level is low and the happiness is difficult. You will be easily stressed out when you don’t get ample sleep each night. Work to set a bedtime and wake up time that is the same across the board every night. This will easily help you enjoy the stressful life of parenting. It’s better for your health in every way anyhow. It’s ok, you can check out the interwebs or Netflix more tomorrow. Be strong!

Enjoy the Moments

There are many good moments in parenting that become difficult to focus on when the children are running amuck and complaining. Sure parenting is stressful and these little humans need a lot of our attention, so during those moments of stress, remember the happy moments you have with your children. Claim those as your focal point during stressful parenting times. This is so important. Even when it’s hairy and seems hopeless, do you very best to try to take it all in. It goes by so stinking fast. 

Laugh it Off

Developing a great and sometimes absurd sense of humor will go a long way in enjoying the stressful life of parenting. Children learn as they grow and with that come mistakes, bad behavior and other scenarios that make parents scream. Learn to laugh things off easier and embrace the stress that comes with parenting. It’s a tall order, but it can be done…see recommendation above. Again…fast.

They are Part You

Remember that your children are half you and half their other parent. They will make the same mistakes you made as a child, even though you may not remember that far back. Your parents were in the same shoes you are in now and somehow you all survived. Cut your children some slack during stressful parenting moments, because they are imperfect humans too. They are your and your forever. That’s a pretty big deal. It’s something to be marveled at, just think about it.

However you work around the stressful life of parenting is up to you. Just know that these children will grow up quickly and before you know it, all you will have to hang onto are those happy memories that you should try to focus on today.

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