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There are few things in life that I enjoy each day. My wife, my kids, and my coffee would likely be on the very short list of these things. Maybe pizza, but I digress. I love coffee. Black. No sugar, no cream. I love the taste. I don’t even love it for the caffeine since it doesn’t really effect me very much. I also love the variety in flavors, roasts, regions, type of brew. Each coffee can truly taste so different. Really, it can be tough to keep up with it all. It would be so amazing if I could just have someone come to my house regularly and just present me with new and amazing coffees from all over the world. Oh, how awesome that would be. Well, wishes do come true! And this wish is perfectly delivered in the form of Atlas Coffee Club.

Atlas was founded to tell the story of coffee from around the world. Exploring a new country each month, their awesome coffee subscription is a journey of exotic discovery, highlighting the regional differences in every cup. Curating only the finest coffee, we roast each batch to accentuate tasting profiles distinctive to their native growing region. Made to order to guarantee freshness, our subscription is the ultimate opportunity for organic flavor discovery and global variety. Here’s how it works:

I’m telling you, this is like going to a museum, I’ll call it the Museum of International Taste Awesomeness. Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Guatemala, and beyond​!​ Each month I’ve been really enjoying the goodies from Atlas Coffee Club. I love the story, the coffee, the information that comes along with each bag. Each has been so unique in both flavor and culture! It’s really been awesome…and I don’t have to even leave the house to enjoy it. You know how good getting those packages can be!

The coffees are great, not only because of the ease of it all, but also because of the quality. It’s just good coffee and I think you’ll really enjoy it. Great, diverse origins, perfectly roasted, and shipped quickly and fresh right to me. This is what a good coffee experience is all about, and that’s what Atlas Coffee Club is all about. Here are some more details on what makes it so darn tasty:

If you are into coffee, then Atlas is for you. For real. It’s just a great concept backed up with great product and good people. It’s something I can really get behind and support. I’m really pleased so far with my experience and look forward to see what parts of the world arrive at my door in the future. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be very tasty.

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