My son is around 2 1/2 years old. He’s pretty low-key, but he really gets manic at times. Much more than my daughter ever was really. She was always so good, minimal tears, no fits, etc. My son, on the other hand, can be a total headcase at times. Who knows, but they are VERY different in so many ways. We didn’t even push the macho truck thing, but he naturally LOVES trains, cars, dinosaurs, etc. My daughter is all about princesses and makeup. Don’t let people tell you that even a little bit, girls and boys are innately the same…they are different.

Anyway, yesterday, my son decides he wants to strip down naked and hang out in the basement shower. Ok, “this is new” was the initial reaction. Put the clothes back on, warned of being cold. Let it be. My son proceeds to do this another 5 times throughout the course of the day. Yes, 6 times in about 6 hours vs. 0 times in the previous 2 1/2 years. It was exciting to be sure, but who knows where that came from. Bizarre. So far today, all clothes are on, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps walks in the tulips and folk songs about pie.

Naked time?? (Disney Family)

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