The US took in a record 37 total medals in the 2010 games. That’s quite an accomplishment given not too long ago, the US was a complete afterthought in the Winter Games. Canada, the host country too 14 Golds, also a record. Russia was miffed at it’s haul of 15 and I think the Russian president ordered all coaches, etc. to be fired. Nice. And by the way, take a look at Norway…23 medals for a country of less than 5 million!! This is a Nordic event in many ways, but it’s still impressive. Even Austria was 5th overall.

It was a fun games to watch and the US hockey team losing in OT was a killer, but it was a great game nonetheless. Maybe we’ll get them in 2014. I think they’re in Russia, so who knows when the games will be shown, or if they’ll be live.

Now, on to London in 2012…in the games I’d like to call “2012…It Shoud Have Been In NYC!”

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