I guess in the push to be the most unique, crafty beer in today’s increasingly diverse beer market, some producers have gone above and beyond the humdrum into the “what the…?” Some beers on the list don’t strike me as too bizarre, like Cherry, Apple, or even Champagne beer. I’ve seen, and drunk, a number of beers similar to these. But some of these, on the other hand, are pretty far out there. Perhaps it’s just PR, perhaps they just want to be more efficient in their use of time (Pizza Beer anyone?), or maybe these actually do taste pretty good. Who knows, and I’m not sure I’ll ever have the pleasure of trying any of these. If anyone know anything about these, feel free to holla!

Some high (or low) lights:
– Spice up your life with some Wasabi Beer and/or Chili (Chipotle) Beer
– You coulda had a V8, but why would you…have some Tomato Beer instead
– Best of both worlds…Pizza Beer, Creme Brulee, and Chocolate Donut Beer; These may be Nobel worthy
– Get hammered and wake yo’ self up with some Espresso Beer
– Something for the kids…Bilk…that would be 70% beer and 30% milk
– Man’s best buzz, try some Steak or Chicken beer for dogs!

(Chicago Now via Alltop)

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