I’m in a beer kind of mood today, I suppose. I like a good, hearty beer. More alcohol is fine as well, as long as the taste is right. Sometimes, though, strong beers can be a bit harsh for me, almost like booze. While a number of great Belgian, or Belgian-style beers are in the 9-12% range, I think you can really find a sweet spot in the 7-9% range. There’s exceptions to all rules, as you well know. The beers listed below range from 9% all the way up to a mind boggling 18%!! Enjoy, and read responsibly.

– Rogue Double Dead Guy: 9 percent ABV Strong Ale, about $10 per 750-milliliter bottle. I personally like this beer quite a bit. This is one of those high alcohol beers that taste smooth, very nice finish, not harsh at all. A winner from Oregon.

– Flying Dog Double Dog: 11.5 percent ABV Double Pale Ale, about $10 per four-pack. This is another great beer from a great Maryland-based brewer. An impressive alcohol content in this one, yet still nice flavor and finish.

– Dogfish Head World Wide Stout: 18 percent ABV Imperial Stout, about $8 per 12-ounce bottle. Wow, I do love Dogfish Head beers, but never have had the pleasure of tearing into this bad bay. 18%!! This is like 67 Bud Lights. The reviews here show that while hefty in alcohol content, the tasters were surprised by how smooth it was. A great accomplishment if true and an assessment I will be certain to test out ASAP.

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