You may laugh, you may think I’m crazy, but Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz is a great show. Sure, the language is incredibly crude in an odd attempt to try to “recreate” the glory days of the Roman Empire. Sure there is a ton of gratuitous sex and violence, with a number of uncomfortable, to say the least, scenes. Sure, the CGI is totally bush league and the blood splatter is ridiculous. Forget all that, and take it in. It is a great show. You have compelling characters, devious subplots, great action scenes, lots of sex, even some love and family stories mixed in for good measure. You can’t help but get a little bit of a rush when you see it. I like it more and more with each episode. Sure, it’s no 24 or Lost, but it’s no Tool Academy either. I would highly recommend checking it out. I dare you to find a better, cheesy, overall awesome guilty pleasure on TV right now. Also, find me a guy who’s name doesn’t end in an “us” or that isn’t waxed and oiled. Go ‘head, I dare you.

(Spartacus Site)

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