Who the heck are these people???

Yes, this past week I had to repaint two rooms in the house. Why? Because it was imperative that we moved the dining room into the eat-in room, the eat-in table into the kitchen, and to create a new, more formal living room where the dining room stood. Don’t get me wrong, after the initial…”what, now what was that again” moment, I made the moves and gave it sometime before I painted and judged the move. I will say, it makes more sense, and it’s a much better use of space, but boy do I hate painting. The worst thing is this is something I can actually do and do pretty well. It’s not like electrical work or plumbing, I’m not touching that stuff for the most part. Painting, though, it’s all me. And my wife takes advantage of that, as often as possible. It’s like she’s changing toilet paper rolls…yep, done with this color, onward and upward! Let’s go with the mauve this time.

As a side note, Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint is awesome. It’s expensive, but you can get away with one coat almost. It has primer and low splatter, and it has almost no smell (only when opening the can really). I covered a orange-red color with blue, I could have stopped at one coat. The other room, covered a dark blue with a khaki green, and it still pretty much covered after one coat. It’s well worth the money, because you use less paint, it covers better, and it doesn’t smell so you don’t have to deal with it and don’t have to worry about the kids. It’s a home run.

Anyway, off to get carpets, end tables, and curtains…love redecorating.

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