What’s the deal with women’s obsession with Tory Burch? It’s like an epidemic. All they have to do is see that little cross deal, and they go nuts. I can see the hysteria on Lond Island as a new, ooohhhh, Tory Burch Store opens up at the Americana Manhasset. No more sclepping into NYC. Now, you’ll be able to bask in all the glory that is Tory Burch and not just in some dopey little Bloomingdale’s corner either. It’s not cheap, it nice looking but I wouldn’t exactly call it earthshatteringly hot though. I guess it’s just one of those things, like Uggs or any sort of handbag. God bless her, though. I hope she’s printing money for herself.

I suppose we can’t really complain, because I know there’s a lot of you out there (like me) that would be just a psyched if, say, a Bombay Sapphire store opened up. Or an Apple store. Or perhaps a “Nothing But Sports TV and Radio, Victoria Secret Models, Howard Stern, Free Beer, Free Buffalo Wings, and Free Cheese Fries” store opens up. I know I’d be there. So, maybe it’s ok…let them have their Tory Burch. One day, NBSTaRVSMHSFBFBWaFCF will be ours. Ahh yes, I think we have a good shot. Don’t you?

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