Whatever happened to reruns of movies and TV shows from the “good old days?” I remember and used to love watching Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, and the Three Stooges on weekend mornings. I remember when classics on TV Land were Leave It To Beaver not Boston Legal and Home Improvement (both good shows, but you know what I mean). I remember when CBS FM (101.1) in NY was all the old 50’s bee-bop classics, now it’s all mixed up. I mean, really great, classic entertainment. It’s tough to find this now. Thank goodness for YouTube.

– Here’s the great Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?”
– Laurel and Hardy’s CLASSIC (something I always look forward to) “Babes In Toyland” or “March of the Wooden Soldiers.”
– The Best of the Three Stooges (49 min video).

I mean, this is just good, clean entertainment. It’s nice to see and to share with the kids. It’s so innocent and harmless (even with Stooges eye poking, slapping, etc.). People still see the value in this, and keeping it alive. I know in NY there was an uproar when the local station decided not to play Babes in Toyland on Thanksgiving (they had to run it on a local Spanish language channel they own in NY), which is a cherished annual tradition. Maybe all these great shows and movies stay alive for the next generation, but it would be up to us it seems, not the TV powers that be.

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