No, this isn’t a commentary on Lethal Weapon movies, an odd Michael Jackson video, or the components of our Executive Branch of government. No, I’m talking cookies. Ah yes, the great ones. I really, truly, love these cookies. I love them even more, quite frankly, because they are are NY area specialty. I didn’t realize this until I began travelling for work and no one really knew what I was talking about.

In brief, a good black and white generally has to be from a bakery, fresh. It’s a think, large cookie, that’s soft like a cake. It’s coated (99.9% of the time…more on that soon) in a hard, shiny sugary coat of half chocolate and half vanilla. It’s really two distinct cookies in one. The key, though, is being fresh and moist but not mushy or spongey. That’s when it’s at its best. Of course the right icing is key too. It can’t be TOO sugary or TOO hard.

It’s something that I seem to like more and more these days. My wife thinks I’m nutso…but my kids are all on board, baby. They love the things. When they see one, that’s the #1 choice most of the time. Many NY area Italian bakeries do a very good job of making these. I’ve even seen Starbucks (labeled a NY favorite) carry a pack of two small ones (already off base), but who knows how good they are. Fairway, a local and excellent supermarket makes an outstanding one. Crumbs Bakery makes an excellent, traditional black and white, but it also makes it’s own version…a frosted (with cupcake frosting) black and white that will knock your socks off. Yes, it’s not traditional, but it’s damn fine work.

Man, I think I know what I’ll be doing later today. And, man, does it go well with some black coffee or espresso.

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