I would really love to just get back to talking balls and strkes, home runs and strikeouts. It seems like performance enhancing drug )PED) talk just does not end, ever. And can people give ARod a break? I know, he’s not exactly the doorman at a pity party with all the money, fame, women, etc., but I mean…enough is enough already.

I know, people cheated, I know. So, people cheated since the beginning of time (spitballs, nail files, etc.) and people will try to find an edge until the end of the game. There’s too much comptetitive fire in these guys. That, mixed with the want for fame and money, and you have people pulling out all the stops to excel and be the best. Is it right? No. Should it be swept under the rug? I don’t believe so. But really, why does baseball take the brunt of all of this. NFL players get 4 game suspensions from positive drug tests and are back to the gridiron without nary a word after. It’s crazy that there’s such a double standard, even with football replacing baseball as the national pasttime (though I’m still a baseball guy at heart).

I think the players union and the league need to just clamp down and do really intensive testing for all substances they can test for. Add new tests when needed without all the voting, whining, etc. Forget the past and move on. There’s too much to dig into, to many people using. Who knows for how long, for what reason? Pitchers used, hitters used, Mr. Met used. How can you put an asterisk next to some guys and some not. Perhaps a general note at the Hall and in the record books talking about the era? I’m just tired of hearing about it, really. Maybe I do just want to wipe it all away. There doesn’t seem to be a right answer. Leeet’s play ball!

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