Time for some green beer, green bagels, and soda bread. Time to wear green from head to to. Time to bring up that mock brogue, and pretend you’re Irish just for the day. It’s a fun time. Spring is coming, people are in great spirits (pun intended), and in general it’s just a very festive day. Like with many formerly minor or niche holidays, popularity of the holiday seems to grow by leaps and bounds every year. I suppose any holiday with heavy drinking and, what I think is, great food like corned beef and cabbage is a good day.

Yes, while I am 1/2 Irish (1/2 Italian), and do love a good pint of Guiness, I think it would be nice to learn about what St. Patrick’s Day really is about. Take a look at this Wiki page to get a nice summary about the history of the holiday. I think it’s always good to know the history and the meaning in things, whether you really consider it or not.

After you’ve done your homework. Sit back, relax, grab a Guiness or some Jameson’s, throw on some Riverdance, and enjoy the music. Happy St. Pattie’s. Enjoy it.

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